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Pgce dilemma. Please help Theo Griff and John

Discussion in 'Primary' started by nw141, May 20, 2016.

  1. nw141

    nw141 New commenter

    Hi all

    I am a teacher trainee who has deferred the training after 2nd placement because I was finding it extremely difficult to do lesson planning which was taking about 4/5 hours for one lesson and even after spending so much time the lessons were not exciting, were not pitched at right level and there was not enough progress in pupil's learning. Behaviour was another big issue and my presence was also not that great.

    I think I am not cut for teaching and have chosen a wrong profession for myself as I dont think I can pass this course in final placement. I had most 3bs for my Spring term report. If I think about leaving the training it makes me look towards myself as a failure and not a good model for my own children. But if I think to carry on I feel so much paniced that I wont be able to pass it. Please help. Can anyone adviseme that what should I do? Is there anyway, I can pass it? If yes please give your ideas about what can I do to progress my teaching or do you think that I am not cut for teaching?
    Thanks in advance
  2. coxdeb

    coxdeb New commenter

    Taking 4 - 5 hours to plan a lesson is obviously not sustainable, and should not be necessary. It is the kind of thing that happens once you lose confidence and get yourself worked up into a state.

    Teaching is a hard, hard slog, especially at the beginning. Once you get into a spiral of self doubt and negative feedback, it is very hard to regain the confidence that you need to control a class. It is not impossible to come back from a bad placement but it is hard. So you need to decide if it is what you really want.

    To be honest, you don't sound like you want to carry on, you sound more as though you are trapped in a nightmare. You might feel very relieved if you made the decision to leave.

    If so, don't think for a minute that you are a failure. A very high number of trainee teachers give up, they are not necessarily failures, they have just made the decision that teaching is not for them. Many, many established teachers wish they had heeded the warning signs and stopped before they felt trapped in a career that they find draining and stressful. Teaching can still be a rewarding and enjoyable career, but sadly, that is far from being the universal experience.

    You can model to your children that you were brave enough to have a try and brave enough to recognise it was not for you. It really isn't the end of the world.

    Good luck with your decision.
  3. nw141

    nw141 New commenter

    Thank you so much for advice coxdeb. You are right I feel that I am trapped but I have become so indecisive because of low confidence and because of a hope that may be my final placement would be different from the previous two. But to be honest when I see my mental state I become scared of going back in same environment once again. I think this state of indecisiveness and prior experiences on the placements have pushed me towards depression. But decision for leaving is not letting me have a peaceful mental state.

    I am reading books and watching videos about behaviour management and lesson planning which make me think feel positive about going ahead but again sitting at home and makng this decision is easy but reality in the classroom may be different.

    Sorry for long message and for repeating things but I feel to share with someone what I am going through. Thanks once again.
  4. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    What a horrible situation for you to be in, after putting your heart and soul into this!

    You have had some good points made by the people above. I am going to give you a link to a thread where I give some ideas for other careers that might suit you.

    Possible other careers

    You might also, in the short term, like to think about this

    Should I become a TA?

    I am going to tag some people who might have some more advice for you. @John_in_Luton and @welshwizard .

    I do think that it is important that you should talk frankly to your tutor or mentor and see what their opinion is. You will have strengths that could help you succeed, either in teaching finally or in another career completely.

    Best wishes

  5. nw141

    nw141 New commenter

    Thanks TheoGriff. I will see the links. Yes my tutor and mentor have the opinion that doing training in one year is not enough time for me. I should have gone for a B ed degree or some other route but Pgce.

    But I would like to hear from/ about people who had similar experience but up their game and did it successfully.
  6. John_in_Luton

    John_in_Luton Occasional commenter

    It's difficult to offer concrete advice without another perspective. You are caught up in the situation, and describing it from your point of view, whereas someone working alongside - mentor, tutor etc - might have a different take, and so be better placed to advise.

    I think the comment that most worries me is when you say you don't have enough presence. Things like behaviour management, challenge etc are skills that can be learnt, but to me presence has always been intrinsic - either you've got it or you haven't, and if you haven't, then teaching can be a cold and lonely place.

    if you can get your confidence back, and someone who knows you and knows the demands of the profession can reassure you that it's just a blip and that you do have the makings of a good teacher, then it's worth pursuing. But if you're not sure, then maybe better to look at the links Theo has posted with alternatives for a career around the classroom.
  7. nw141

    nw141 New commenter

    Thanks John_in_Luton. Yes I agree with you that if someone have reassured me I would have felt much motivated. As this was not the case, I lost my motivation. Now its the case to 'Teach myself' or leave it but its not possible without motivation. I have done really well on academic side of course but its the practical bit I would say planning is the-number one problem which is giving way to other problems as well.

    I am in between yes do it or no leave it.

    Once again thanks everyone. Your answers gave me a peace of mind that even if I leave it, its not the end of world there are other doors which I can open.

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