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PGCE course = free laptop?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by robynsmith, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Some lady my mum knows told her that not getting the £4k bursary wasn't the end of the world as we get free laptops on PGCE courses... a) I have never heard this before. b) I already have a laptop. c) Even if we do get free laptops, selling them on ebay (if we dont have to give them back) wouldn't earn us anywhere near £4k each we're losing out on (you can get a laptop for £200!).
    I would however like to be proved wrong... anyone know anything about this?
  2. Hey robyn, my uni, Marjon in Plymouth, gives a free laptop for new students for undergrad and postgrad courses so if I ever get accepted I'll be getting another one from them in September.. Don't know about other unis though anchor I had a choice between £6k bursary for English pgce or the ****, slow, massive dell laptop that we were given I know damn well which I'd pick!!
  3. I think this is something that some course providers will do as an incentive. It looks like Marjon offer a scheme like this. Other course providers may loan laptops. I'm fairly certain this is something that varies from uni to uni, just as there may be a seperate bursary or loan available from your uni, it depends on how they choose to divvy up the money..
  4. Thanks all! Alec2005... ah i hate vista so won't be jealous of the Majonians! MrsK... great sales pitch on the laptops lol (have you heard by the way?) and fuschia... hadn't thought it could vary, i'll have a look and see what ioe have to offer. nowhere near a bursary replacement but cant turn down a freebie!
  5. harderfaster

    harderfaster New commenter

    well that's not true. my netbook runs swiftly on a 150GB hard drive. if you need more than that to run a word document and a web browser simultaneously then you need to be taught how to use a computer.
  6. Nowadays people put music, videos, games etc on their laptop and they all take up HD space. Unless you are only going to use your laptop for PGCE and nothing else. 80GB HD is obsolete - last time it was fitted on a new laptop was about 3 years ago. Now 320 is a defacto entry level, with 500GB+ getting more common.
  7. Mrs K... feel so bad for you not hearing, that is so bad it's been weeks since uni's have known their number of allocations [​IMG]
    Alec2005 and harderfaster... i know nothing technical about laptops! i'll just have to do some googling if i do get 1 (to see how much it could be worth on ebay i imagine lol)
  8. Hi MrsK2806,
    I had my interview on 2nd Dember for University of Plymouth.
    My application has now been put on stop, which means the university does not have to offer me a place by todays dealine. Therefore, I could be waiting for a long time to come.
    I wish I could know, however I am willing to wait it out as I am looking at stop as a positive thing because it means they are still interested.
    Maybe, this is something you could suggest to Marjon so your application stays within their cycle and you are not automatically timed out.

    Best of luck
  9. I forgot to mention, that Bristol University also lends out laptops for a year to PGCE students. I know this as my friend is on the History PGCE currently and uses one.
    Very Useful if the universities do supply them.


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