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pgce but no qts :-(

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by sgaishas, May 16, 2011.

  1. Hi, this is my first post and i hope you guys can give me some feedback on my rather strange situation. I am in a situation where i have finished and passed my pgce, however, i have not yet gained qts due to the fact that i still have one placement to complete. the problem lies in that i have moved from the city that i was studying in and have moved to a different city (90 miles away!). I have 2 children under 5 and have had to move into alien land with no support. I am ina situation where i can't go back to the city i was studying in as my eldest has started full time school. I have requested the uni allow me to carry a placement in the city that i have moved to, after endless emails to the faculty for this request, i was finally told that i can carry out my placement in the city that i am in. I was so excited and thought finally its all piecing together (its been a year since my pgce!!) But then i had an email from the faculty saying that they can't find me a school where i am and that i would have to travel 57miles away from home!! My only flaw in this matter is that I can't travel far due to my small children, but obviously the uni did not sympathise with this. I replied saying that this is not possible for me to undertake a placement so far away, it is my final placement and also for a longer length of time, in total 10 weeks. Can the uni do this????? I have undergone so much stress whilst on the pgce course with two little ones, 4 and 2 yrs of age! It breaks my heart that there seems to be no way i can get my qts, which i deserve after all the hard work i put into it! Is there any way this can be done on a part time basis?

    I dont know where i stand as i am a confident teacher, but can't teach because i just cant get the qts! I have passed all my assignments/presentations/skills tests, but what use is all of this?? what can i do with my pgce without qts??

    Any advice would be appreciated,

  2. Why did you have to move during PGCE? Couldn't you have waited until your course was over - that's what most people would do. By the looks of it your uni has been more than generous in allowing you to do your final placement in your new place, but they just couldn't find a suitable school - not surprising given the difficulty of fixing up placements. They have now found you a school and I do feel you should make every effort to complete the placement there. They could have just said, sorry, it's you who have moved away, it's outside the area we cover and we can't help you. Can't your spouse/partner help? Grandparents? After all it's you who are training to gain QTS, and you have to meet half way if your uni has been reasonable in allowing you to continue.
  3. It appears to me that the best option is hiring a temp responsible person to look after your little ones for their trips to and from a creche or nursery. This would only be for the duration for the placement of course. Expensive, but it will pay for itself when considered against the salary difference of TA vs Teacher.

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