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PGCE bursary petition against the removal of 2011 bursaries whilst offering up to £20k next year!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by anon331, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Most of you will know about the Government taking away the bursaries for this year's PGCE students. If you don't, here's a link to the BBC article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-13927702

    I don't know about the rest of you but I know that no bursary makes it extremely difficult for me especially with all the extra costs of resources and travelling up to 40 miles for placement. I worked all through my degree but it's just not possible with a PGCE really. There are people in an even more difficult position than me relying on that bursary. The Government has said they'll give the bursary to those that did Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses because they did it to lead on to a PGCE and it would be useless without a PGCE, but what about people like me who took an extra year to get experience in a school, something else that's useless if it doesn't go on to a PGCE? Anyway, here's a link to the petition. I'd appreciate if as many people sign it as possible and then pass it around to friends and family. Even if you're finished training, the 2011 trainees would appreciate your support :) 100,000 signatures and this could go before the House of Commons for debate.


    Please sign and post it on facebook, twitter and wherever else.


  2. There had been loads of problems but they shut the site overnight and it's now working fine :)

  3. I think its disgusting taking away the
    bursary for this year. As a student who has recently left I know every penny
    counts and the bursary I received really helped.I will gladly sign the petition

  4. I completely agree that the bursary is valuable and does help students through their teaching practice. However the reason why these bursaries fluctuate and disappear is to do with the supply and demand of teachers.

    I was in a PGCE last year that had an intake of 150. A shocking proportion of my friends are simply unable to get jobs. I know this isn't just a teaching issue, but the simple fact is that there is currently a bit of an overspill of teachers getting trained, particularly in primary education.

    I wrote to Gove and Balls about this matter at different points and they pretty much agreed with every I said, but failed to provide a solution.

    Interestingly, even though a large proportion of NQTs are unable to get a job, the government continues to provide funding (to the training provider) for the same amount of places.

    Even though not having a bursary may appear to be a negative side, it is an economic and fiscal indicator of the capacity
    available in the UK for new teachers.
  5. And also, may I add. It say's 'priority subjects'. This will mean secondary maths / science. I highly doubt that it will result in a cash incentive for primary trainee teachers.

  6. So in one year, does the number of trainees and NQTs has changed that much that bursaries aren't needed for this year but are next year? That doesn't really make much sense. That may have been an excuse they used for it last year but they've completely contradicted that by offering the bursaries again from 2012, at a higher amount!

    The reason that Primary places have gone up this year is because they have looked at the number of children born in the last few years and it shows that in a couple of years, the number of Primary aged children will increase fairly dramatically. That's my understanding of it anyway.

    Actually no, you're wrong there. Primary teachers, along with other non priority secondary subjects, will get £4,000, £5,000 or £9,000 depending on their degree classification. Every trainee teacher will get at least that. Medium priority (MFL, IT and D&T) will get £9,000, £10,000 or £13,000 and high priority (Maths, Physics and Chemistry) will get £11,000, £15,000 or £20,000.

    Check out page 9 - http://media.education.gov.uk/assets/files/pdf/t/training%20our%20next%20generation%20of%20outstanding%20teachers.pdf
  7. Caroline, I didn't really insinuate that primary trainees would receive nothing at all.

    I think the missing bursary this year will be most likely down to a knee jerk reaction from labour, as I assume the budgets would have been finalised the year before while they were still in power?

    And yes, primary places are rising although won't peak for another 2-3 years, although I'm being a terrible academic and not remembering where I saw those figures. The places may be raising, but that doesn't correlate straight with jobs. Many primary schools are squeezing everything they can. Merging years, using cover supervisors beyond their set roles.

    However in 2-3 years I think the opposite will be the case and there will be issues with having enough teachers to fill the gaps from EYFS upward.

    It's a very difficult call I think. Many will argue that do teachers really need to be given cash to interest them into teaching? For me, not at all. I wasn't even aware of the small bursary available to me at the time. I had made personal changes to allow me to take the training.

    Let me put it this way, I don't like the idea of giving a Chemistry teacher £20,000 of tax payers money to make them 'find' some passion and love for teaching! I also think there would need to be extremely strict contracts with that amount of cash. You should be forced to complete your NQT + 1 year if you receive such a large amount of money. It shouldn't be a bursary, more of an advance.

    At £20,000 that would be the most inviting graduate job for anyone with a science degree!
  8. And after reading your petition spiel, I agree that they should consider a different way to fiscally support trainee teachers. Potentially a more general approach to the support should be adopted, ignoring the bursary. Maybe writing off portions of student debt, or rate relief. Something that will actually help with living on a deeper level.
  9. I have just said something much the same as you on another thread so I shall copy and paste. If they had removed them completely then I would understand that. What I don't understand is them removing them for one year to bring them back the next even higher, completely contradicting all of their points. I would even be happy if they introduced the option to have a bursary but with a tie in option. A little like companies, if they sponsor you to do your degree, you are tied to work for them for 2-3 years usually. Personally, I plan on teaching until the day I retire (unless something goes very wrong somewhere along the line!) and so would happily sign an agreement that says that by accepting a bursary I would be tied into the teaching profession for 2-3 years of service. I personally cannot understand the reasoning in offering £20,000 as a bursary to a Maths, Chemistry or Physics graduate who may never enter the classroom when the bursaries were removed this year as too many trainees never enter the classroom. It's completely contradictory!

    If the bursary is because of higher fees as the Government suggests, why instead are they not offering fees to be paid? 100% for 1st class graduates, two thirds for those with a 2:1 and one third for those with a 2:2. This would support their statement that it is to encourage access to the PGCE for those for who the high fees would otherwise be a barrier or discouragement and it would also support their statement that it is to alleviate the financial burden caused by higher fees. Though I don't agree with that statement at all, higher fees are alongside higher fee loans so during the year, regardless of the fee amount, without a bursary everyone is financially in the same boat.

    My petition isn't necessarily saying bring back bursaries this year, it's saying that consideration has to be given about how to financially support this years cohort. Personally I am extremely lucky in that I can live with my parents for my PGCE year. It is in no way ideal and means an hour plus driving each direction to university, possibly further to placement but at least I have that option. There are others for whom that isn't an option and where the student loan doesn't cover their needs. There is the Access to Learning Fund but this assumes that a person will earn, across the year, around £2000 through part time work. This is obviously not feasible for the majority of PGCE students but yet it is still assumed as it takes no consideration of differing course demands into account. Personally, I know that next year will be a tight one financially as my parents will not be able to support me beyond a free roof over my head, but at least I will still be able to do it whereas there are others that have had to turn down PGCE places as it isn't an option for them. At least I suppose, if the proposals go ahead, they can apply again next year but why should they have to?
  10. Just a little bump back to the front page :)

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