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PGCE Bursary Cuts

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by harderfaster, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. harderfaster

    harderfaster New commenter

    So, I guess we're expecting to hear tomorrow what the new bursary rates (if any?) will be for PGCE students? I know it's not the be all and end all, but for some people (myself included) scrapping the bursary would mean having to work all through the summer and the holidays just to afford travel/living costs. It's not looking pretty!
  2. I have to agree; having a mortgage to pay, we will be solely relying on my boyfriend's wage to see us through, and anything I get eg. bursaries and loans will keep us going from day to day, travel etc.
    If they cut them drastically it will be a struggle but really wouldn't want to postpone, second year of applying and hating my job, the voluntary time in school is the only thing I enjoy!!
    Fingers crossed I suppose.......
  3. No announcement until the relevant departments have digested the figures and put flesh on reduced spending proposals. As the government has said there will be a wholescale transfer of responsibility for funding from tax payers to beneficiaries of higher education (i.e. students), it's almost certain that free money like bursary will fall - the question is by how much and which subject/phase will be hit the hardest. Another possibility is meanstesting, as it happens with loans and grants.
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  4. Georgia99

    Georgia99 New commenter

    I find it interesting that they pay higher rates to some subjects when I know loads of graduate teachers in those subjects unable to secure jobs, particularly Science and RE. But yet some of my other friends who have done vocation subjects such as business studies and health and social care and got the lowest bursary secured jobs really quickly. Maybe that was just them though...
  5. Albert-Einstein

    Albert-Einstein New commenter

    Well they were not getting enough applicants and many PGCE courses were not filled in Physics and Chemistry subjects. Also you will need 'numbers' of staff in each subject - not just vacancy numbers -therefore schools can pick and choose instead of scrape if there is less to choose from. Do you think Australian points system is parallel to the vacancy? it matches the number of people available. Hence the huge cuts will increase low educational Employee staff numbers hence Tesco and Councils can pay minimum wage causing a division in society again.
    I'm applying to Physics and if the bursary stays the same I will be lucky but I do feel sorry for people with less bursary and I'm worried but can't do anything but work and save.
    They need to look at the bursary spenditure -is it an incentive or to help with living costs and travel???
    The way they have handed it out looks it is only an incentive for subjects where there is a shortage. Science is gamble - China, India and the USA are putting more money into this area to become world leaders - we can't afford to rely them. Although we need students studying a range of arts and vocational in easy times - the cuts say no - just demand areas only. It is a shame that the next generation students will suffer. Dam banks pay us back!
    Asking your friends if they found work / to looking at official statistics is completely different! and you should have learned this before becoming a teacher!
    The TDA is under scruitiny and could be given the chop - not good as this agency dishes out the bursary in the first place.
    Also consider that most of these cuts are starting soon and people starting their PGCE 2011 may survivei as Students face larger tutition fee in September 2012 not 2011.
    Today the TDA told me to wait till November to see what happens -not what we need!

    Good luck to us all -we'll need it and get to your PGCE by 2011 before the fees rise in 2012!
  6. Its rather scary really. im facing this when im the only one that works with a family and bills to pay and this is just too much- all this "more money for schools"- doesnt mean anything until they hurry up and break it down into real meaning...and even worse im in Wales where the budget has gone down rapidly.
  7. Albert-Einstein

    Albert-Einstein New commenter

    I could not cope a family and studying at all, a credit to you and the others who are.
    I don't know what will happen regarding funding but there were student loans and grants and hopefully these may still exist -we have to wait and see etc.
    Also the option to study your PGCE part time may help with family time/stress. If you start 2011 part time PGCE then you will avoid the hike in fees.
    We will just to wait and see and respond to any change.
    I do not like being kept in the dark either and have to wait till November to see what funding if there is any. If not then I'll just find work in my field and beyond like Accenture to Tesco, save and do my PGCE abroad as a Masters. I guess you can't do this with your family. So you will need to decide which is more important PGCE or Family.
    The next option would be to win the lottery. Ok when it looks dire - laugh a bit then rethink plans - don't waste time with panic or depression - get active!
  8. I was planning on giving the TDA a bell this week to ask this but you may be able to help, Albert - did they give any indication of when in November they are planning to announce bursary etc. levels?
  9. Albert-Einstein

    Albert-Einstein New commenter

    The truth is they don't really know and will quote end of October to early November.
    The Student finance office of England have not added any information for 2011-2012 annoying not just us but thousands of potential undergrads.
    Save your money and just the TDA website- and the pop up banner waning you that a new government is in places etc then no update has taken place.
    I went from checking/calling daily/worried then just relaxing to wait and see in early November.
    All the best.
  10. I got £9,000 to do my PGCE in MFL (secondary) + the grant from my LA and no job to show for it. Languages was supposed to be a shortage subject in 2009. Two of my friends are in the same situation: one is teaching one-to-one, the other one is a part time language assistant at a 6th form college. The one who is a language assistant went to interviews everywhere, in London and home counties, even in primary schools, and nothing. Her 6th form college is very happy with her, schools lost a good teacher! We all had all this money poured into our teacher training for nothing!
  11. Since there are virtually no jobs and the market is totally saturated with teachers, what are you doing considering training? I'm sure there are better ways to waste a year!
  12. Chances are I wont get a job straight away but to me a waste of my life would be spend another year in a job I physically hate!!
  13. Look at the jobs market very carefully in your area before committing to anything. There is plenty to be romantic about in this present climate. The stats bandied about are not on the TDA website!
  14. It's gone down to £6000 for this year, so I suppose they're at least doing something to reflect the fact that jobs are hard to come by, but I think they still need to be a bit more honest about the current situation. Before I started the PGCE, I assumed it wouldn't be that difficult to find a job as it was a shortage subject, but now reading all the threads on here I'm depressed!
  15. I appreciate what your saying - I have two family members teaching in primary schools in my area and know that for each job there is a huge number of applicants and that the number of teachers in the local teaching pool is vast.
    We've crunched the numbers and accepted that the chance of me walking into an NQT position are mighty slim. For me, there is the obvious worry that if I dont go this year tuition fees may rise significantly next year. Also, we have bought the house, due to get married, with the obvious next step of a family in future years.....chances are if i don't start teacher training soon, there will always be reasons to put it off, which I would regret hugely. Despite the cutbacks and lack of jobs, for us personally this is probably the best time for me to go!!!
    But you comments are realistic--not all universities offering PGCEs explain the situation to you; there will be people out there applying who haven't done the research and don't know what to expect should they be lucky enough to get accepted!!
  16. Jobs might be slim in the teaching world but they're just as bad if not worse in every other sector! I'm unemployed at the moment, I was working in the NHS for 2 1/2 years.There have been 2 jobs advertsied in 2 months that I have a realistic chance of getting. Looking at primary jobs in my local area and being very picky about how far I would want to travel there are 5 jobs currently being advertised!
  17. But are they the kind of jobs you CAN apply, i.e. suitable for NQT (not that there are many NQT posts advertised in Oct)?
  18. Thats a fair point joannect15 - I currently commute for over an hour through M60 traffic to get to my current job, and although I can honestly say I am valued by my employers who have given me a great pay rise since my start there I would still want to move should I not get onto a PCGE.......but after looking on 5 job websites last week I saw two i could actually apply for, each which required a commute AND a pay cut. I think everyone is in the same position, so I may as well stick it out for something I enjoy rather than stick it out doing something that I will one day look back on as years wasted!
  19. Yes they are all jobs I would consider applying for as an NQT, at the end of the day if you don't apply you don't get and I would never limit myself to only applying for jobs advertised under the NQT section of the TES or just those advertised on the TES. If you want a job you have to be proactive - what ever sector you are working in. What it all boils down to is that getting a job is tough at the moment, where ever you are and what ever it is you're doing. There's no point in being negative about it. Teaching is what I want to do, I've waited a long time to be in a position where I can go and do my PGCE. I'm not going to give up now just because there's a chance I won't be able to get a job straight away.
    My mum is a teacher and qualified around 17 years ago. When she was applying for jobs schools were regularly getting 200 applicants for each job. She got the job on her second interview and was offered a job without a formal interview a couple of days later based on the strength of her final teaching practice. Just because the job market is tough doesn't mean it's impossible - you only need one yes!
  20. Albert-Einstein

    Albert-Einstein New commenter

    Can we keep to the thread title and not cause a panic with jobs please.

    If you want to discuss jobs start a new thread as this is about Bursary for PGCE and SKE!

    BTW my pal -an engineer was made redundant due to the global recession, couldn't find a job so he took a pizza delivery job to make ends meet as the market was all dried up but 1 yr (Yes) before he found a similar role to what he was doing but if he was prepared to move (where I live 200 miles away) there were many roles available. Not everyone wants to move and no job is a job for life - not even teaching. I found two Physic/science teacher roles today although most jobs will be between terms. If you're passionate about teaching - you will find your role.
    Don't forget that you x number of availble staff for 1 role, so the number of people training do not reflect the number of vacancies but the number of people that should be available for that role. I popped into a local college and they were asking when I would be finished and availble to teach physics! so it is luck of the draw and badgering employers. Don't be put off stay motivated, get any job so you have money coming in until you find the role you want.
    ******TDA Bursary Update Fri 29th Oct - a group email will be sent to everyone who is registerted with the TDA hopefully in November -when -who knows mid month? but will tell you what is going on. So wait till the email folks.****************************************


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