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PGCE Brighton - Struggling to focus

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by renbot, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I had something similar at Sheffield University (I'm applying for Science not English so thats a bit different too...!)
    I was told there would be a group task, a written task and an individual interview. I think they may be reluctant to feed you with too much information beforehand so they can ensure you're thoughts and ideas are your own. I don't think they are trying to catch you out, so if they've only provided you with limited information I'm sure thats all you will need to complete the tasks. You sound like you are pretty prepared anyway so I reckon you'll be fine!
    We looked at past papers and discussed cpd and research techniques, nothing to frightening, and our written task was based on this.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I'm actually feeling much more together about things now thank goodness. Although with two weeks to go there is still plenty of time to panic!
  3. I Interviewed with Brighton for primary PGCE, similar format, I would suggest you prepare for your individual interview as a curriculum interview, from what I gather most one to one interviews they want to know why you want to teach and how!!
  4. The how bit scares me. Surely I shouldn't know how to teach, surely that is the point of the course?

    I'm cramming on terminology at the moment. I've been out of uni for almost five years but it's all coming flooding back to me the more I read.

    I hope your interview went well.
  5. Hey, I have an interview at Brighton on the 18th although mine is for a post compulsory education pgce :)

    I've been asked to do a presentation (5 mins) on one of the following topics; a favourite pastime, a person I admire or a thing of which I am particularly proud. Now I have chosen to go for favourite pastime, that's quite a loose way of putting it because the pastime in question is actually my interest in filmmaking and how I have done a film degree, I'll hopefully talk about how it ties in with my enthusiasm for wanting to teach film and media :)

    Have they mentioned no need to do a presentation then? (sorry if you mentioned there is one but I missed it somehow)

    The other 2 things are a written task (linked to my own experiences of further education), a group task and group interview.

    I'm really nervous and feel like I'm totally not prepared :/ BUT a week to go and hopefully I will be!
  6. No there is no presentation for me. Just a written task, group task, and then a 1-2-1 interview.
    It sounds to me like you are on the right track with the subject you have picked. So much of what they are looking for is the way you present as well, so I am sure you will be just fine.
    One other piece of advice, try and come across as calm and collected as possible. One of the reasons a friend of mine didn't get on his first choice course was because he was marked down as 'nervy.' Obviously some nerves are to be expected but it's important to show confidence in spite of that. I wish you all the best. Do let me know how it goes!
  7. I thought the exact same thing!!!! It's crazy what they want you to know before hand, I would just have an idea about you might teach something in an engaging way, where you would want everyone to sit, how you'd manage the class, especially how you might manage challenging behaviour, set learning objectives for the lesson etc, then be prepared for when you give them your answer that they may well as for another way that you would do it as well! Everyone is terrified on the day and in the same position, you'll feel better when you're there and meet some people!

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