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PGCE Books for sale!!!! Great Value!!!!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by amymadrid, May 8, 2011.

  1. Nearing the end of the Primary PGCE and I have 13 books for sale. Most from the reading list plus another couple. I bought some second hand but were still expensive and were in excellent condition. New they would set you back in excess of £200 but I am selling all for just £100. I have listed the titles below.
    Books can be collected from my home in Bury, Greater Manchester or I can send them out at an additional cost.
    Any questions please email!!
    MacGrath, M. The Art of Peaceful Teaching in the Primary School
    Gamble, N & Yates, S. Exploring Children's Literature
    Galton, M. Learning and Teaching in the Primary Classroom
    Judge, B et al. Critical Thinking Skills for Education Students
    Challen, D. Achieving QTS. Primary English Audit and Test
    Hopkins, C et al. Mathematics in the Primary School
    Medwell, J. Successful Teaching Placement. Primary and early years
    Cowley, S. Getting the *** to behave
    Sharp, J et al. Achieving ATS. Primary Science. Teaching Theory and Practice
    Peacock, G et al. Achieving QTS. Primary Science. Knowledge and Understanding.
    Mooney, C et al. Acheiving QTS. Primary Mathematics. Knowledge and Understanding.
    Sharp, J & Byrne, J. Acheiving QTS. Primary Science. Audit and Test.
    Mooney, C & Fletcher, M. Achieving QTS. Primary Mathematics. Audit and Test.

  2. Hi,
    I was wonderning do you still have, Medwell, J. Successful Teaching Placement. Primary and early years for sale?

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