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PGCE books & teaching resources for sale!!!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by StephyJ, May 5, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I live in Exeter and am starting my Primary PGCE (Early Years) in September. I don't want to speand a fortune before I have my reading list but also want to be prepared! Do you have any books relating to Early Years, or general primary teaching? Also, are the puppets you mention the 'on-strings' kind or the hand-puppet kind - I've been looking for a stringed one but they're really hard to get hold of!
  2. Hi,
    If you still have them, could you email me a list of the books that you are selling?
  3. I'd like a list too please!

  4. I presume all your resources are away but if not I would be interested in knowing what you have. My email is

  5. Hi,
    I am starting PGCE (FS/KS1). Would it be possible to send me your list? My email is, s.mcgreevy@hotmail.co.uk
  6. hello, could you send me more details on the resources you have plz x
  7. MonsterTeachingIdeas

    MonsterTeachingIdeas New commenter

    could you send me a list please: theoofoof@gmail.com
  8. one4jen

    one4jen New commenter

    I am due to start my PGCE this September (Primary) and need copies of a few books.
    Please could you email me a list of the books that you have for sale?
    Also, I am very interested in your KS1&2 resources.


    J Allen
  9. Hi
    I'm not meaning to hijack this forum at all but if you don't hear back from anyone else, I have the following books available, all brand new and unused:
    Achieving QTS Primary English: Knowledge and Understanding
    Primary English (Ian Eyres): Developing Subject Knowledge
    Achieving QTS Primary Mathematics: Teaching Theory and Practice
    Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers (Derek Haylock)
    Achieving QTS Primary Science: Knowledge and Understanding
    Achieving QTS Primary Science: Teaching Theory and Practice
    Achieving QTS Primary ICT: Knowledge, Understanding and Practice
    The Art of Peaceful Teaching in the Primary School (Michelle MacGrath)
    Monitoring, Assessment, Recording, Reporting and Accountability - Meeting the Standards (Rita Headington)
    The above are for sale at £7.50 each including postage and packaging.
    I also have Foundations of Primary Teaching (Denis Hayes) available for £10 inc P&P. It has my name inside the front cover but no highlighting, so it is as good as brand new.
    Contact me carolyn.amy.cooper@gmail.com if you are interested in any of the above books.
  10. I am nnot sure if anyone will have any books left but if so please can you either contact me on here or email me on vickybenson1986@hotmail.co.uk with the details of the books you have left.

    Thank you.


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