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PGCE Biology Interview @ Goldsmiths

Discussion in 'Science' started by MissFatty, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone, I've just joined this website as I need some advice on an interview I have for PGCE Biology at Goldsmiths.

    I've been asked to prepare a five minute presentation on two challenges facing science teachers today...

    and I'm STUCK!

    I could think of a couple of issues off the top of my head like health and safety in labs... but I can't seem to find supporting data on the internet that will give my points some depth (and make it last 5 minutes!!!)

    I've been browsing on this site for a day or so but can't see to find anything relevant (am I just looking in the wrong place?)

    To sum it up, my question is, what major points would you suggest I focus on, and where can I go to find the info to add to my presentation?

    Any nudge in the right direction would be much appreciated!
  2. Hi,
    I graduated Goldsmiths last year and had a completely different interview, the staff there like to find out how much you know about education in the current climate, so h&s would be a very good one to do, research into experiments that some teachers wouldn't do because of H&S ie some of my colleagues won't carry out the methane bubble experiment and during my NQT year they wouldn't let me either.
    Another one would be inclusion in the classroom, I still find it difficult sometimes when you have a class of 31 and an experiment to carry out so this can be linked together to H&S aswell.
    Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the help Jane - any particular websites I can visit to find the H&S info?

    Also, what kind of questions did they ask in the group/individual interviews?
  4. sep2

    sep2 New commenter

  5. dkarana

    dkarana New commenter

    Hi there,
    I hope I am not too late in replying.
    I had the interview at goldsmith on 1st of july and got the offer.
    Do not worry at all.You will find very nice people there.Just be yourself,whatever topic you choose make it interesting,involve audience and convey your points with clarity.
    BTW heaalth and sfety in the lab is a good topic but only one.Decide on a broader aspect like curriculum,teaching issues.
    Good luck
  6. dkarana

    dkarana New commenter

    * health and safety
  7. Thank you dkarana, I had my interview last week, it went fairly well (although I walked in late due to missing a train >.<) they said they would let me know the outcome by the end of this week. A few nailbiting days ahead while I wait!

    In the meantime, I have an interview at London Met to prepare for next monday - this time giving a 5 minute presentation on HOW I would teach chemical combustion to a Year 7 class. Eek!
  8. Howdy folks,
    Just to say thanks to everyone who posted for your help, I've been offered a place :)

    Just in case anyone searches for this in the future, the interview session involved the following:
    - Introductory talk lasting about 10 mins
    - The applicants were split into two groups to do our presentations (on the day there were 8 applicants in total)
    - After presentations, people were taken one at a time for individual interviews. While everyone else waited their turn, we had to complete some questions they set in a written task - at GCSE level. Three questions: One biology, one chemistry and one physics.
    - The individual interview didn't last long for me, around 10 minutes (if that!), however another applicant in my group was in there for 25 minutes, I can't explain the discrepancy there, maybe he was just a talkative guy!
    That was it really, it was all over in a couple of hours!

    Roll on September!
  9. dkarana

    dkarana New commenter

    Hi there,
    Congratulations for the achievement.That means we meet up in september.My name is Deepti and I am from Reading,will be doing PGCE Physics,waiting for CRB certificate.
    Look forward
  10. Hi Deepti,
    I handed in my forms etc a couple of days ago, also waiting for my CRB check to go through, but I don't think it will be done in time!
    I've been told the PGCE Biology course starts on September 13th - is this the same for you?
  11. dkarana

    dkarana New commenter

    I submitted my CRB and other forms on 3rd of Aug.Do not know how much time it will take.
    The letter says that the course starts on 13th Sept.I think its uniform for all Sciences.I was also told that CRB will take 5 to 6 weeks.Lets keep our fingers crossed.
  12. Hi Deepti,
    I have to do my interview for Physics PGCE at Goldsmits on Tuesday. I am covering girls in physics and behaviour management in my short presentation - what do you think?

    What did you do.

    Any tips?

    Best wishes,


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