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PGCE / BA Primary Books - SALE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by luke_conker, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Having completed my PGCE Primary degree I have a whole load of books I am looking to sell to someone who is embarking on the epic journey that is the PGCE! The books are relevant to the BA course also. The books are as follows:

    Reflective Teaching, 2008, Pollard, A. - £12.50

    Teaching English, Language, and Literacy, 2008, Wyse, D. & Jones, R. - £12.50

    Mathematics in the Primary School, 1999, Hopkins, C. Gifford, S. & Pepperell, S. - £8

    The Practical Guide to Spcial Educational Needs in Inclusive Primary Classrooms, 2007, Rose, R. & Howley, M. - £8

    Achieving QTS Primary Science Knowledge and Understanding, 2005, Johnsey, R; Peacock, G; Sharp, J. & Wright, D. - £8

    Achieving QTS Primary Science Teaching Theory and Practice, 2003, Johnsey, R; Peacock, G; Sharp, J. Simon, S. & Smith,R. - £8

    The Practice of English Language Teaching, 4th Edition, 2007, Harmer, J. - £10

    The A-Z of English Grammar & Usage, 2006, Leech, G; Cruickshank, B. & Ivanic, R. - £10

    Reading Under Control, 2000, Graham, J. & Kelly, A - £8

    The Teaching of Science in Primary Schools, 3rd Ed, 2000, Harlen, W. - £8

    The Teaching of Science in Primary Schools, 4th Ed, 2004, Harlen, W. & Qualter, A. - £8

    Teaching Speaking & Listening in the Primary School, 3rd Ed, 2005, Grugeon, E; Dawes, L; Smith, C; Hubbard, L. - £8

    Creative Teaching in History, 2005, Turner-Bisset, R - £8

    Teaching History 3 - 11 The Essential Guide, 2004, O'Hara, L. & O'Hara, M. - £8

    Teaching Geography 3 - 11 The Essential Guide, 2005, Owen, D. & Ryan, A. - £8

    The books are available individually, or you can buy them all for a lump sum price of £80! (total price £133 if all bought individually)

    All the books are in near perfect condition with no notes or scribbles. I can post them to you but will charge postage. Or they are available for collection in Leicestershire or East Sussex.

    Email Luke - luke_conker@hotmail.com
    Phone - 07972 297 021
  2. ALL these books are still available.
    I would be willing to sell them at a reduced bulk price if anyone would like to make me an offer.

  3. Hiya,

    I've just sent you a message about these :)

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