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PGCE Assignments Pass mark

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by KSmiling, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. KSmiling

    KSmiling New commenter

    Hello Everyone,
    I'm going a bit nuts here in York. I've had my final assignment mark back and needless to say I've failed by 3 marks with 47%. I have been told by my university however that I can't re-submit my essay due to Covid and may still get a pass because I nearly did. Is anyone else in this boat? Also I have passed by QTS which was with a Scitt and have a Job lined up in Durham for this September. I was super excited until I go my marks. I don't want to winge but my second placement school has had me remote teaching none stop from 23rd March right through until last Friday.
    I should have told them my assignment came first but didn't. Too late now. so has anyone heard about people nearly passing, passing in this co-hort of ITTs? I'm SOOOOOOOOO Stressed at the moment!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. JJ83

    JJ83 New commenter

    Check university marking guidelines online - There is a chance that you can not be awarded an overall lower grade than before Covid 19 began (March time) SO if your grades were OK before then you should pass BUT please check this with your individual provider
  3. Owleyes00

    Owleyes00 New commenter

    I did my PGCE 2014-15 at UCL IoE. There I remember they told us that if we failed the masters credit modules we would graduate with a PgCE (small g) instead. I can’t find this anywhere mind you but it is the QTS that you need to teach, so if you have passed this you should still be able to start your job in September it just means that you won’t have masters credits to potentially transfer to a masters (I couldn’t use mine anyway) and I guess your certificate may say something different.

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