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PGCE Assignment Request

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Bateman8936, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Bateman8936

    Bateman8936 New commenter

    Hi All,

    I'm currently completing a PGCE in ICT and am working on a large assignment as part of this. My assignment is looking at the teaching of Computing at schools and whether this is really going to meet the learning needs of our pupils.

    I'm trying to gather some data at the moment which is proving fairly difficult in the cluster of schools where I am based. What I'm trying to get hold of is some sort of progress data. ie, if Pupil A achieves Level 6b in ICT at KS3, what level did they get at the end of KS4 and then KS5 in ICT or Computing. I'm particularly interested in the correlations between ICT at Key Stage 3 and Computing at GCSE or A Level. If anyone has any data that they'd be willing to send my way - I'd really appreciate it (Obviously pupil names removed).

    Or any other general comments about the topic would be useful.
    Thanks in advance

    s0801286 at connect dot glos dot ac dot uk
  2. Sorry to be unhelpful but you might run into difficulties with people giving out information specifically about their schools/pupils even with some level of anonymisation (is that even a word?). You might want to check in with you Cluster Manager for the PGCE from you provider, they will have links and agreements in place for PGCE-M research tasks with cluster schools. Also there are a huge number of influencing factors in the dataset that you are requesting but have not mentioned such as teacher/class size/course/provider/coursework vs exam vs controlled assessment) that will skew your results and must be considered in your assumptions for your work. That and a small dataset won't yield any significant results.
  3. Bateman8936

    Bateman8936 New commenter

    Thanks for your help Jonathan. I've spoken with my Cluster Manager and they suggested I try on here. I've spoken about all of the data kind of implications in my research methodology and ethical considerations. I did't know whether I'd get much luck on here but it was worth a shot. Might be going back to the drawing board at the end of the week!

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