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Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by yasminzadeh, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Hey Mick Jo!
    I'm on the same course :)
    Think starting a discussion group is a great idea for us to be able to support and get to know eachother in the weeks leading up to our start date.
    What's on your mind? Have you started on the reading list?
  2. Hey Yasmin,

    yeah I think it will help us a lot to get talking before hand, I am going to make a group on Facebook :)

    EVERYTHING is on my mind, I just feel really anxious about the whole thing, mainly because i'm moving from Ireland to London on my own, it's kind of daunting.

    I haven't started the reading list, this is what I needed to find out from you guys. I looked up some of the articles, they are mostly on that site, but from what I could gather, you just pay to 'rent' the articles for a few days? Is this right? I didn't want to rent them now as I thought I would need to rent them again in the future. Have you started the reading list? I really feel like I need to be making a start on it, 7 weeks to go, I need to get a move on.

    Thanks for the reply,

  3. Hey Micky,
    That is a big move! But don't worry, a lot of people do that when they start a new course :)
    Have you got somewhere to live yet? The main thing is to feel settled and comfortable with where you are before starting on the stresses of work.
    I also feel pretty anxious, it's a mixture of excitement and nerves. Having heard so many horror stories about how stressful the PGCE year is I can't help feeling a little daunted! I think I should stop reading people's bad experiences online as it is probably not helping!
    I have started on the reading list but only a few weeks ago so I wouldn't worry. There will be a mixture of people on the course, some that have been preparing since they heard they got in, and others that have been a little more relaxed. I think the main thing is to be informed, go to some exhibitions, read some of the list... but also have a good summer as the year ahead is going to be draining!
    Pick a few books off the reading list that jump out at you and focus on those, it's impossible to read everything, and we will have time during the course to do more research. There are some useful websites on the list that we should familiarise ourselves with also like the TDA and NSEAD. The reading list is reccomended reading, they will not expect everyone to have read everything on it!
    In terms of the articles it's probably best to locate the journals in a library and photocopy the relevant pages. That's what I'm planning on doing over the next few weeks.
    I'm trying not to stress out too much, plenty of time for that next year! But this is easier said than done... I have an animation to finish, a film to produce and 2 weeks to spend with my mum in Spain before the course starts, as well as preparing for the PGCE...
    It's comforting to know I'm not the only anxious person out there. Definitely set up a group, only good can come of that!
    Sorry for rambling! Hope that helps,
  4. MrLaura

    MrLaura New commenter

    Hi Mick Jo and Yasmin,
    i'm on the same course and really nervous too! I really wanted to check I've been given the same information as everyone else as I've been transferred from the Greenwich course that fell through due to funding. The only prep I've been told about was in the booklet with the orange front that had a list of 3 books and a couple of websites, along with instructions to experiment with techniques. Is this what you received also?
    I want to get started on the reading but I am very skint and trying to find the books through a library. Did you guys buy yours? They are £20 each! Should I stop whining and be prepared to spend hundreds of pounds on books for the course or is there somewhere to get them I don't know about?
    Sorry for all the questions, don't feel like there's been an awful lot of information and can't get hold of anyone at the uni!
  5. Hi Laura,
    I didn't realise the Greenwich course had fallen through, is everyone from there being transferred over? Well anyway, welcome!
    Yes the only prep work we've been asked to do is that which you see in the orange booklet. I did end up buying my books... We were given a much longer reading list at our initial interview in January and I had picked out the books that appealed to me the most, strangely they ended up being the books that were included in the orange booklet!
    I am an alumni of the University of the Arts London so I went to the libraries there to try and find the books first, but unfortunately they did not have any of them, so I ended up skrimping and buying one each month... I am very skint too but I figured I would just go ahead and buy them and save in other places.
    If I'm not mistaken the last time I was on Amazon there was a deal on for those three books as a bundle for about £60? Maybe check it out.
    With regards to the technique experiments... My work involves photography and film, and let's just say painting and sculpture are not my fortes! I havn't picked up a paintbrush in about 6 years so that should be interesting!
    Whereabouts are you based?
    All the best,
  6. Laura and Yasmin, if either of you are on Facebook, I have made a page for all of us to join, so we can chat more about post PGCE nerves, etc. I gather we are all on Facebook so it will be a easier way for us to keep in contact and basically help each other out.

    I can not post the link in here for some reason, however if you search in Facebook "Pgce Art & Design Goldsmiths 2011 - 2012" you should be able to find it.

    Hope to see you both over there and please spread the word to anyone else you know that is starting the course!


  7. Hi yas, sorry only replying to this now, been so busy with work and haven't had a chance to get on here. Yeah I am moving into the student halls, they have halls for Post Grad / PGCE students, so I feel comfortable knowing I will be living with similar people.

    I know, everyone I talk to seems to say the same things about it being so stressful, i'm trying not to listen, I know it WILL be stressful, however I want to go into the course with a positive attitude, so I think you are right, we need to stop reading such things! lol

    I just purchased two of the books last week, waiting on them to be delivered. Really want to read some of the articles, but can't locate journals anywhere, guess I am going to have to just "rent" them online. I am a bit daunted by the reading list we got at interview as they did say to start reading at the interview, however as you said, they can't expect us to have read everything.... can they? I just don't want to turn up under prepared.

    I don't mind your rambling, you have been nothing but helpful, thank you :)


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