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PGCE Art & Design at Cardiff Met (UWIC)

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by funkyrainbow, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. funkyrainbow

    funkyrainbow New commenter

    Hello there - I had my interview for PGCE Art & Design at Cardiff Met Uni in Nov 2011 and got accepted to start in Sept 2012. Just wondering if there is anyone out there who will also be starting this September? Would be good to hear from you!
  2. funkyrainbow

    funkyrainbow New commenter

    anyone else?? I hope I am not the only one doing art and design at cardiff this year lol
  3. I'll be there, but on the Drama PGCE. I've only found one person doing my course - perhaps there's only a few of us out there! Are you on Facebook?
  4. funkyrainbow

    funkyrainbow New commenter

    Nah dont do facebook - 'Im an 'old schooler' lol. Well I will live in hope that there may be some more dinosaurs out there doing their art & design! I know the numbers are down from last year - so there won't be many of us. Exciting anyhow - hope your year goes well for you
  5. That's strange, I think the numbers were up slightly in drama. Congrats on getting in, then! Hope your year goes well, too, and perhaps see you in Cardiff in a few months!
  6. Hej there, I am starting in september 2012 as well for PGCE Art&Design!! Would you know anything about accomodation in Cardiff for Postgraduates?
  7. funkyrainbow

    funkyrainbow New commenter

    hiya sorry for delay in replying! well done for getting onto the art & design PGCE! I cant wait now. Have you had any joy in finding accomodation? i am not from Cardiff so don't really know specifics but you could try google search, also student services may be able to help. You could also try the local papers including western mail, south wales argus and walesonline.co.uk I am sure you will find something. See you in Sept!
  8. funkyrainbow

    funkyrainbow New commenter

    sorry for delay. Yeah not long now - hope you have a successful year - may catch up with you sometime!
  9. Hi, I'll also be on the Art & Design PGCE at Cardiff Met in Sept. How are you getting on with the Structures project?
  10. funkyrainbow

    funkyrainbow New commenter

    Hi there
    Nice to meet you! I have got a good idea about what I want to do for the structures project - just need to work out the finer details now and put my boards together. I am just in the dark a bit re how much time we will be expected to work with the children - for instance every day for a month or a few hours a week for a month? It will make alot of difference to how we plan each session. I have emailed uni today to ask for a bit of detail re the placement - just so I know how to pitch it. How are you getting on?
    See you on the 10th!
  11. I’m the same, have the idea just need to put boards together. I think we have till Fri 14th to complete. They could have defiantly given us more info regards primary placement. Let me know if uni gets back to you.
    Are you moving to Cardiff or will you be commuting?

  12. I live in Cardiff, in Grangetown. Looking forward to meeting you all next wk x
  13. I'm another one starting Monday! A little nervous but looking forward to it!

    See you all Monday :)
  14. funkyrainbow

    funkyrainbow New commenter

    hiya not long 'til Monday! exciting and nerve wracking all mixed in lol - see you there
  15. Hey guys :D I'm another one who is starting on Monday, looking forward to it but really nervous at the same time!!

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