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PGCE Art & Design : advice please!

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by peachpop, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. I'm an illustration graduate thinking about training to be an art teacher. There aren't a lot of jobs for Art Teachers at all and with the curriculum for Arts subjects up in the air at the moment, I'm worried that I'd be doing a PGCE for nothing. I've even considering doing a PGCE in Primary then hoping that I'd move onto Arts Co-ordinator. Is it worth the risk of doing a PGCE Art & Design at the moment? Advice welcome!!
  2. Hello! Who knows what will happen? The thing is, that if you have a PGCE, you can teach. Have you any experinece in teaching? If you're prepared to work anywhere, then there are jobs.. check out all sectors. I have worked in state secondary (Art & Textiles) and now work in FE... I'd recommend a spot of voluntary work in Primary, Secondary and Special Needs.. Personally, I LOVE it!
  3. I loved my teaching practice in FE but I think that is as close as I can get due to two things, one my age over 50 and secondly I don't have a masters!! In 1984 only 20% had a first degree let alone a masters, but now it seems to get a teaching job I need one, if I do a part time one I will not only be another 6-70000 out of pocket but 1 or 2 yrs older!! What should I do? There are posts on here that say older people should not be taken on to pgce courses as they can't get jobs........ any comments..... I am begining to think that I wasted my time and got a loan for nothing.... I graduated in 2013 Plus a bit unfair that sec teachers can swop to FE but as FE teachers don't get QTS we can't swop to Secondary.
  4. I agree with you that it is very unfair that PGCE FE teacher can not get unto secondary schools as easily as a secondary school teacher can get into FE. i do also agree that i have seen examples of again within the education sector.

    I have been teaching for 10 years now in FE now and there are various educational certificates that you can gain to allow you teach in FE without doing a PGCE course.

    Also the many students that i have taught over the years that have gone onto study education have all mentioned that they would prefer teaching in Primary school rather than Secondary . so there wil be shortage of secondary school teachers soon , if there is not already. There does seem to be a lot of educational agencies ready to send people into secondary for temp contracts

    I suppose there is always a way.
  5. I would say do the PGCE course in the secondary . I have applied for many Art and Design teaching roles during the months of June and July and did not get the chance for an interview. Mainly because my experience is within FE and my PGCE is within post compulsory education.

    When you gain qualification for working in schools its always easier to transfer into further education if you wish.

    Also some PGCE courses at some universities are funded by the Government with grants for candidates.

    If you have a passion for teaching then having a qualification will help you get through certain doors. However if you want to teach primary school do a but of research about this. i am sure that you will need to teach a broad spectrum within a primary school and you need qualifications to proof that you ca so so
  6. I am an illustration graduate too and doing my PGCE was the best thing I ever did! At the end of the day, if you are good enough and are willing to be flexible in terms of school/location you will get a job... they are out there! It's not as easy as getting a job in a subject with higher demand, such as Maths but it is definitely possible! Every student from my PGCE got a job by the end of the course (granted there were only 22 of us) but we were given so much support by our tutor. Where are you thinking of doing your PGCE? I did mine at MMU in 2012/2013 and it was fantstic...restored my faith in HE!
  7. I've been looking into courses, but there are extremely limited places. There actually aren't a lot of university in my area (Merseyside) that do the course, I think Chester is the only one. LJMU used to do the course but have recently stopped doing it for some reason?

    There's also Schools Direct which is appealing to me as (statistically) they are more likely to offer you employment at the end of it.

    At the moment I'm going to concentrate on my illustration, building up a portfolio and getting as much experience as possible. I have just bought a house so leaving work completely to do a PGCE is out the question at the moment. Art isn't considered a priority subject by the DoE, even though Music is? So I wouldn't get any sort of bursary at all. Thanks Mr Gove!
  8. I've been looking into PGCE courses but there isn't many universities that offer the PGCE Secondary Art course where I live (Merseyside) and I haven't got the option to move due to having just bought a house! The only universities that offer it seem to be Chester and Edge Hill, but the Edge Hill course is only 14-19 specialism. LJMU don't seem to offer this course anymore either.

    I'm worried about funding too as according to the DoE, Art isn't a priority subject (but considers Music to be...) so I can't get any bursaries. Can't afford leave my job to learn to teach if I can't get the funding.

    I think my best bet at the moment is to get as much experience as possible, build up a portfolio and work on my illustration. I currently work full time in retail and it's soul destroying and I'm crying out for a career teaching art!
  9. (Didn't mean to post twice!)
  10. Is the fact of being an Italian woman not a handicap to find a job as a teacher ? I'd be ready to teach anywhere in the UK, even with children with special needs (I've heard of Teach First, too, and I guess there are other programs as well for that).

    Also, what is the best place to have a PGCE ? I heard of Goldsmith College, Swansea and others.

    Life for artists isn't easy, indeed.

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