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PGCE art and design

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by MrDraw, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. <font size="4">Hello I am starting my PGCE in September at Northumbria University.</font><font size="4">My first task is to produce a sketchbook of work with the theme of "teacher".</font> <font size="4">This must include my own philosophy of art education, I am currently ready books with titles like "current issues in art and design education", "secondary art and design education".</font>
    <font size="4">I would be very grateful to get some responses from current art and design teachers on your feelings and personal philosophy on art education today.</font>
    <font size="4"></font>
    <font size="4">Many Thanks</font>
  2. hello, I wouldn't worry too much because surely you will develop your ethos or philosophyfully during your PGCE. I thinkt hat it is impossible for someone to post their whole ethos on this forum as it would be a great deal of writing to post here. And this would be their fully formed ethos. I think that they just want to find out your starting point thoughts and why you wanted to go into education - why you think an art education is important. They don;t at this stage want a whole lot of wordy pedagogical theory or anything. Just trust your instinct with your sketchbook. treat it like a normal sketchbook and jot notes as they occur to you etc. Those books will come in very handy when you are writing your essays but won't be of a whole lot of use before the course starts imo. Don't sweat too much because the course will be heavy enough when it starts. If you want to read up a little then what about the art teacher's handbook. It is a good one and not too heavy ebcause too heavy just now won't be all that great I don't think.
  3. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    My personal philosophy would take a month to write! Good question though. It will make a good starting point to your introduction to your placement school teacher mentor.

    Prepare for September by reading and exploring your own ideas in your sketch pad.
  4. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    Oh yes, my recommended reading for you is anything by John Dewey. It's still relevant today and continues to inspire me.
  5. <font size="2">Many thanks! It&rsquo;s still taking ages to generate ideas! I decided to make my own books and fill them later :D I did spend many a time pickling my own work at university however I cannot think of a way to combined this with "teacher". Also after not using a sketchbook for over 4 years it&rsquo;s hard to get back into sketchbook working!
  6. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    That's why Dewey is good, he saw education as needing to be social and play. That's what the sketchbook could be. Have a look at the Access Art website on sketchbooks plus Campaign for Drawing and Big Draw. Also, Eileen Adams of the Campaign for Drawing has some videos on VIMEO: can't paste the link so search by her name and the word sketchbook. She talks about using them as learning logs.Useful to you.
  7. mackemem

    mackemem New commenter

    i have just recently finished my PGCE in Art not at Northumbria, but i did interview there so i kind of have a perspective on their course. One of the main things to come out of my course was the importance of my own practise on what and how i teach. I found it frustrating to go into a situation on placement and use the same artists again and again (these artists do have their place but if your bored of using them imagine what the pupils are like) i have spent time over the summer visiting exhibitions and galleries making notes, sketches, journals etc that have informed a number of ideas on units of works for the coming years, when i say years i mean it!! its such an important thing to do to keep you interested in the subject! I see this 'teacher' book as being that, go and be inspired yourself and dont think about it too much, it will probably be a sort of reference book for you to look at over the next year, so go along to the Baltic, Laing and Shipley (in Gateshead) or try other places such as Winter gardens, Sunderland or the Roman Fort in Jarrow, a bit of cross curricular never hurt anybody! Also wanted to back up a previous post recommending the Art teachers hand book, picked it up half way through my course and it was a life line!!! good luck with your studies.

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