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PGCE Art and Design Portfolio

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by reenie2010, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Hi
    I have an interview coming up and would like advice on how to arrange my work. It says to include GCSE, A Level and degree work. Do I start with oldest then show progression. Also, does anyone know what kind of questions could be asked about subject knowledge in relation to the National Curriculum, I've got a degree in graphic design but i'm worried i may not have enough subject knowledge.
  2. MrLaura

    MrLaura New commenter

    Hi Reenie2010,

    it depends where you go, from past experience you should put your best stuff at the front and back as they will see a lot of people and need to remember your good stuff. in terms of questions, i've been asked what i know about the national curriculum in most interviews, subject knowledge you can work on but you need to show you are at least interested in learning about education, and as it's such an intense course it helps to have some idea about the curriculum and current political issues around education, especially art education.
  3. Hi MrLaura, Thank you, i've been reading up on the national curriculum, hopefully they'll ask me questions that i can answer :)
  4. Good Luck, where is your interview at? I got on the LJMU Art and Design for this coming Sept :) Can't wait!...
  5. thank you, it's at birmingham. i'm not holding much hope but i'll give it my best shot!, congrats for getting on :)

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