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PGCE Art and Design Cardiff UWIC

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by andyplop, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Hello Kat,

    Whey! off to a good start already. well i pretty much had my interview the monday gone and found out yesterday. So yeh! pretty quick hehe.

    Well done to you too. its nice to hear that Im not alone in being a bit scared. I still need to sort out how I am going to pay for tthe course and how i will survive while im on it! Oh well Its something i've always wanted to do so its all good.

    As for my current situation I've been working as a Special support Assistant in a secondary school for a year now, Graduated in 'Visual Culture' 2 years ago and now im on the right track. I was slightly concerned I didnt have a enough studio experience before applying as my course was pretty much all theory besides a few things here and there, but with life drawing classes and clubs with the kids at school iv been trying to keep on top of some skill.

    How about you? It'll be interesting to know who has experience in what and hopefully by the end of the course we will all form together like some sort of transformer Art super hero.

    Havent got a clue where im going to live, and viewings will be a bit of a problem with the trek down, so will just have to take a gamble, or live out my car for a while. ha!

    Nice to 'meet' you virtually

  2. Wowza, Visual Culture sounds really interesting, where did you study? I Graduated last year from a crafts course in Falmouth and I've been working as a LSA at a FE college full time since September and I took part in the Student Associate Scheme at a secondary school in Falmouth, alongside working as a youth support worker for a charity back in Wiltshire. I've been really lucky to mostly be supporting in Art and Media lessons (not so lucky with all the maths classes however!) But I absoloutely love it, so definitely excited to be taking the next step!
    I very much like your idea of a transformer Art superhero! And I wouldn't worry about the amount of studio practice you have, it sounds like you've been really pro-active at building up your portfolio and you obviously impressed them at interview otherwise they wouldn't of taken you! Did they ask you hypothetical question about the disguise project for the first primary placement? I'd be intregued to hear what everyone came up with :)

    I am becoming increasingly tempted to invest in a tipi and live out of that the way my house hunting adventures are going! The place I looked at yesterday was.. ok . But not amazing (no living room, however super cheap rent) and it would mean living with three other quite young undergrad guys who all seemed lovely, but I'm not sure how well my PGCE lifestyle would potentially gell with their 2nd year lifestyle if that makes any sense!

    Going up again in a couple of weeks to look at another house a friend of a friend currently lives in with all MA art students which will hopefully be a much better fit, If it isn't snapped up before I get there. I will keep my eyes peeled for anything else promising I hear about accomodation and pass it on your way if you like (as long as you don't nab the best rooms from me :))

    Hope you've had a great weekend!
  3. Hey, yoo guys! I'm currently up to my eyeballs in the course you'll be starting. I'm trying to do research for an assignment but it seems I'll do literally anything to avoid work. Hence this comment. There's a whole bunch of things you guys could start doing to try and get a head start but you'd be better off just enjoying the time you have now. Squeeze in as much fun and have as many lie-ins as you can! If you've heard that PGCEs are a lot of work, you've heard wrong. Its far worse than that! But don't worry. Everyone's in the same boat so you get to have a laugh together about how stressed everyone is. There's nothing like mutual crisis to help people bond! And you do indeed get to learn new art skills of eachother. That part's fun (even when you have to go into uni on a Saturday morning)!
  4. Well, I'm just trying to learn about anything! But it's just making me realise what a vast amount of stuff I know nothing about, so I just watch comedy instead. As you say - it's best to make the most of this free time! I had a letter from GTTR sayiing I'd confirmed my choice, but it was a couple of weeks after my taking up of the offer. If you haven't heard anything yet, I'd give 'em a call. Did you get any emails from UWIC?
    As for the maths - hmm, not sure. I should be ok, but have not done an exam in 15 years, so I may fall apart - who knows?! Anyway, I'm off to watch some telly, as it sounds like there will be none of that nonsense next year!
  5. Ash - thank you for the heads up! Lie-ins are a luxury anyway (5yr old daughter) but I will endeavour on the fun thing :0)
    How are you finding the placements? Are the kids alright? I have a million questions, but I will leave it there (for now!).
    Oh, and uni on a Saturday morning? What's that all about?!
    Good luck with the rest of the course, you're on the home straight!
  6. Alreet everyone.

    Hope you're all doing well. How has the house hunting been going? I made my second trip down to Cardiff this Weekend for a wee look around. Its an awesome place, totally love it, Im thinking it will be a canny place to live, theres a 'krispy Kreme' Doughtnuts shop! Get in!. Didn't really have much time to browse the housing market so will hopefully be making another trip down in the summer.

    Has anyone recieved anything about the 1st couple of projects we need to do? I haven't got anything yet, I really want to get started on something to get myself motivated.

    Anyways back to school so best find something to do.

  7. annaosborne1985

    annaosborne1985 New commenter

    Hi Andy and all other upcoming students,

    I'm on the course at the mo too along with Ash, and yep definitely agree enjoy time you have now.

    I'm from a fine art painting background and could have had a little more practice in Claywork, Photoshop (basics), and just general brushing up of my other skills- even drawing just to feel a little more confident in it. HOWEVER if you don't definitely not the end of the world as there will be workshops and mentors in schools will help you out, just be really open to trying your hand at anything arty.

    You'll all do brilliantly I'm sure, good start to know about TES & resources from here too(1 step ahead of me back then).

    Cardiff is great fun, try to make time for a little bit of a chill out and life every now and again. I've met some brilliant people on the course, and really helped each other out too, Andy i like the transformer thing, 1 invincible art teacher.

    Good luck guys

  8. Hey Anna cheers for the boost in confidence.

    You see these workshops, Am I right in thinking that the students on the pgce course delivery these? or is it a mix of university and outsourced speicalists? Just curious thats all. Im looking at booking onto a few 1 day courses over the summer, jsut stuff like lithography printing, screen printing, bit of clay work and stuff jsut to get to grips with a few things, we cant be expected to be a master of all trades ay.

    Can you recommend any decent places to look for accommodation?

    Hope things are going well for you current PGCErs we will indeed be turning to use on here in the future when we are stuck in a rut I imagine.

  9. I hope you enjoy the course I completed my PGCE at UWIC last year, just something to bear in mind - out of the 32 of us who all passed no one secured a permanent teaching post in Wales. Whilst I enjoyed the course and the staff were great I felt they should be more open about the opportunities after the course, that there arent any jobs and for each post you are looking at competing with at least 60 other applicants.
    Good luck and enjoy it!
  10. Hi Andy, I'm guessing you got the email about the assignments yesterday? It's good to have something to focus on instead of just worrying about EVERYTHING!
    Glad to hear you like Cardiff, if I hear of any houses/flats up for rent I'll let you know.
  11. I had definately noticed the lack of jobs in Wales......oh dear!
    Have you managed to find anything? Fingers crossed for you :0)
  12. Thank you Anna, that has helped loads! I'm pretty daunted by it all but you've given me a little boost. Good luck with the rest of the year - nearly there now!
  13. Oh, and hello Currants! Sorry, I didn't see your post.
    Sounds like you're busy! I have FE experience too, but I'm going to ask a couple of local schools if I can observe a few lessons as it's a long, long time since I've been in a secondary school! My swotting is consisting of trying to know more than I do now - about anything! After the advice of some of the others I am also brushing up on Photoshop and keeping up my drawing etc. I am also going to get some books from the reading list and make a start.
    I'm very lucky at the moment, as I have taken a year out to spend more time with my daughter (which may have turned out to be a mistake, as she's got used to me being around and she's going to have a big shock in September - the guilt!).
    I'm spending the year doing up our house (paint stripping today, how fun) which is never ending!. Last year I was an artist in residence at Swansea Met. which was great but I haven't done much arty stuff since then, hence my panic.
    I'm excited, but nervousness is ruling for the majority of the time. Especially now we have been sent the assignment. I can't get the word GROWTH out of my head, and as of yet...nothing to report.
    And of course all this depends on me passing my maths, which I am having nightmares about quite often. I just need to keep reminding myself that during the exam I WILL remember to wear clothes on my bottom half, and my old maths teacher who cut his foot off with a chainsaw will not be sat next to me tickling a pitbull.
    Oh well, back to the newell posts and their multiple layers of paint.
  14. Hello again everybody!
    Wow Grace sounds like you've been a very busy bee! Good luck with the maths, exams must be coming up soon? Very best of luck, I'm sure you will do fantastically and the actual exam will have no reflection on your nightmares (Your olds maths teacher sounds absoloutrely terrfying & if its any consolation I still have nightmares about degree work, despite graduating last summer. In most of them I am in my birthday suit - what is that all about?! silly subconcious!) I have recently been through the joys of house decorating too (only to move in a few months - clever girl!)

    I'm pleased to say I've found somewhere to live! It was a friend of a friends place, and there's another PGCE student living there which will be nice. It's pretty central too which will hopefully be good for being able to get public transport to placements etc, have been hearing lots of students talking about spending hours on trains to their placements lately :s I'm going down in a few weeks to visit the house again so I'll ask my future house pals if they know of anything else on your behalf Andy! I too spotted the Krispy Kreme place, looking forward to doing some stress eating there haha!
    Sorry to hear you're having a hard time finding work Charlie, job prospects are pretty dire in my neck of the woods too at the moment. Hope you find something soon, have you managed to complete your NQT year yet or are you still on the search?
    How is everyone getting on with the assignments? I'm trying to utilize the college facilities before the end of term, hoping to get some things in the kiln but we've been so busy with exams not sure if I'll get a chance. Also desperately trying to find a local short course in photoshop for the summer. Have to admit I'm a bit of a techniphobe so want to brush up on all things digital! I've got a few ideas buzzing round my head but at the moment finding the time to do anything about it seems to be an issue, ah well half term's not far off!

    Anyways, should probably be doing something productive (summer assignments perhaps?!) I hope everyone's well and you current PGCEers are on the home straight!

  15. Don't worry Andy, I also had HE funding for 5 years and I got finance no problem (although maybe that too is different in Wales!).
    Oh, and yes to the Facebook group! Would be much easier :0)
  16. i some how stubbled on this whilst at work and thought i better join!

    im Paul and am also starting in september on the PGCE art course!

    iv lived in cardiff for nearly 10 years although i moved last year to take up a job in somerset as a art tech. If anyone needs any 'local' help please feel free to ask.

    I havent even thought much about the growth assignment yet!

    plenty of time?????????????


    i dont have facebook , you cant leave me out!

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