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PGCE Art & Design at University of Ulster Coleraine

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by rubyrednire, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Hi
    yes I have been invited for interview on 8 March for Art & Design too. A friend of mine went for the interview last year and says the questions are pretty standard. what are your interest and what subjects can you offer as extra curricular. I don't know what the writtern is likely to be. It says something art related. What do you think. I am a bit nervous about it and don't really know what to research for it. When is your interview?
  2. Hi
    wow! I can see what you mean. A lot to deal with at the minute. I have 3 of my own, so know what you are dealing with. Good luck with baby. They like you to have some informal or formal experience if possible in a school, I think it helps you get in the teaching mindset. I know what you mean about the portfolio, I am a graphic designer so mine is mostly brochures and leaflets, but I imagine they will have a lot of mature students with the economy in such a state so probably not too experimental and art collegey. I think they take your portfolio in and look through it before they interview you so you don't get a chance to talk about it. I would love to know how many they are interviewing. Is your degree in Architecture!
  3. Hi Karder12, have you heard anything back yet?

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