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PGCE Application Timeline

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Laurajk1984, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    I have just put an application in for PGCE Secondary English at Liverpool Hope. I know I'm being a total keeno, but does anybody have any idea how long I should expect to wait before getting a response from the uni? I suspect the answer is how long is a piece of string, but am dying to hear so thought I'd sound other people out!! Also, is anybody else applying to Hope?
  2. I submitted on 11th October and am still waiting.....
  3. Oh blimey! Best to sit tight then... are you secondary English too?
  4. I submitted my application for Secondary English at Leeds Trinity at the end of October and got my interview invitation on Friday. The interview is a week today. It's safe to say that I am absolutely petrified!
  5. No sorry Laurajk1984... I realise my rather blunt answer was slightly misleading but it's completely down to the fact that I am tearing my hair out!!! I'm applying for PGCE Upper Primary at Goldsmiths and just keep telliong myself "any day now, any day now..." I'm, not convinced though.
  6. Leeds had quite a quick turnaround! I can imagine it's daunting once you know it's on the horizon but am sure you'll be fine. I quite like the fact there's usually a few hours/a day as it would be too intense doing it all in an interview! Am sure you will be great. I've heard so many reports about it being not-as-scary-as-imagined. All the very best of luck!
  7. Hi Boosid,
    Can fully sympathise. I only submitted very recently but it's really maddening waiting for a response! Am trying to rationalise the whole thing and not think about it too much, but feel like am on tenterhooks :) Am trying to adopt the 'watched pot never boils' thinking, and not checking emails etc, but always cave!
    Guess we will know soon enough!

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