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PGCE Application - No reply as of yet

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by NatalieLambert, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Hi All

    This is my first post and not sure if I have the right place.
    I am hoping that someone may be able to tell me how long after they applied for a PGCE they received a reply. I applied two weeks ago and have not yet had a letter or recognition from the University. Do you think I applied too late?
    I rang the University this morning to ask if they had received my application and they told me someone would ring me back shortly and still no reply. Please tell me I am worrying over nothing [​IMG]
  2. Hi there,
    The way the GTTR works is that they give your first choice a month to reply, then if nothing is actioned your application will be forwarded to your second choice. With mine I ended up getting interviews for both because my first choice left it a month and then offered me an interview after my second choice, which replied pretty much immediately - guess which one I picked?
    *ahem* Anyway, if you didn't apply through GTTR then I'd suggest waiting another week and chasing them again. If you have applied through GTTR, I'm afraid patience is the only option.
    Don't worry about it too much, I've heard of people getting onto a course who applied about 3-4 weeks before it actually started, so I really doubt you're too late!
    Good luck :)
  3. Cosmic_Rainbow

    Cosmic_Rainbow New commenter

    2 weeks is nothing, i waited over 3 months for a reply last year
  4. Joanne2009

    Joanne2009 New commenter

    I applied for a SCITT on the 14th of October and haven't heard anything yet. My second choice is a flexi PGCE. I also applied for 2 GTP's and have been told by both that they wait until after the closing date before they even start to look at the applications.
    I hope the GTTR do send my application to my 2nd choice this next week as I am starting to wonder whether I should go with that one anyway.

  5. The first choice can hang on to your application until the end of January if they want to. One month rule only applies to applications received after 1st Dec deadline (for primary) and January (I think) for secondary.
    Contact the first choice by phone or email and find out.

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