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PGCE Application Dates

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Possible_Teacher, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    I wondered if anyone knew what date we can start applying for 2012 PGCE. GTTR says early September and it gives you until 23:59 on 1st September to apply for 2012 so do we assume it's 2nd September? Just trying to plan my time next week! Feeling very scared now the date is looming!
  2. EcoLady

    EcoLady New commenter

    Last year it was mid October before they got GTTR working properly.
    Applications for the Clearing process for 2011 start are ongoing until 1st Sept. I very much doubt they'll start taking 2012's applications straight away.
    Don't panic.
    Good luck!
  3. There will be a short break between the cloase of 2011-12 applications and the start of 2012-13 applications. There were issues in starting the process last year followed by complications while the new government decided to change the numbers and targets for providers so we were not told how many people we could recruit unbtil February. At present we do not know what our target numbers for 2012-13 will be, but hopefully we will be told in September. Do keep an eye on the GTTR website and as soon as it is 'open' applications will start to be processed. It takes a bit of time between applying and those applications reaching providers and a major holdup can occur if your referrees delay their input, so a good tip is to ensure that you contact your referee in advance, let them know what you are doing and ask that they completre the reference as quickly as possible. Applications will not be forwarded to providers until the reference is completed.

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