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PGCE application advice!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by nina_t101, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. nina_t101

    nina_t101 New commenter

    I applied for the primary PGCE last year and got through to the interview stage, however I then got rejected following my interview. I am applying again this year and would be devastated to get rejected a second time, so was wondering if anyone had some good advice for the interview process? I think I have a strong application but just worried about messing up the interview again, one question in particular I remember was 'If you were going into a classroom being told that the teacher was the best teacher you will ever see, what would you expect?' Any good advice on what a good answer to that would be as I think I struggled with that one, it is quite a broad question!
    I was also told in my feedback that I need a better understanding of the role of the teacher and how children learn. So any advice in those areas would be great. [​IMG]
  2. Rather than asking here you should be working this out for yourself. Think hard about the question, think about your own learning experiences, the good and bad teachers you had. What did they do that made them good or bad? If you need a better understanding of the role of the teacher and how children learn you are not going to find out asking on a forum. See if you can do some volunteer work in a local school. You are not expected to know all the answers, that is what the course is for but you are expected to be able to think for yourself, have an opinion and articulate it.
  3. nina_t101

    nina_t101 New commenter

    See this is the problem, I have loads of experience, I did an education studies degree that was essentially a degree about how children learn, whilst doing my degree I did many placements as well as working part time for Aimhigher. So im a bit puzzled as to how my knowledge did not come across, I was asking more to see whether I came at the question in the wrong way, so just seeing how other people understand that question. And also just asking any advice for the interview in general e.g what sort of questions they might ask.
  4. I'm in the same position, it would be horrible to be unsuccessful again. I let nerves get in the way :(

    I've read useful posts on here about interviews and in the resource section there is a great document that has about 27 possible questions. This really helped me to prepare and I felt comfortable that at least some of the questions were going to come from this bank. There are five areas of questioning, so prepare answers for a few questions in each area.

    I'll try to post the link for you, or just try some searches to see what you can find.

    Hope this helps, you're definitely not alone in this!
  5. nina_t101

    nina_t101 New commenter

    Thanks! Dont be nervous just re-assure yourself that you know you will be a good teacher, I did that and it helped me to be more confident. Ive also been swotting up loads, reading the TES and various news websites, reading books on areas of education ect so hope that helps me this time round. Good luck with your next round of applications!
  6. nina_t101

    nina_t101 New commenter

    Thanks, thats really helpful. I think I went down a more general route by saying 'teachers should be enthusiastic and encouraging' ect but didnt really say how this would show in spefic practices/strategies. I obviously came at the question wrong. But thanks I will look into more detail when I observe from now on, and be reflective!

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