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PGCE Accommodation plans- (Bath spa)

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by charlottel57, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Hi

    I was wondering if anyone could give advice on choosing accommodation when moving to a new area and having the workload of a PGCE and the placements. I will be studying at Bath Spa in Sept 12 so if you are reading this and also need a flatmate etc please get in contact : cal214@ex.ac.uk. OR simply suggest short term or long term contracts? What worked well for you ??

  2. Hi,

    Although I'm not doing my PGCE in Bath, I did my undergrad at Bath Spa. Many of the Spa students at Newton Park (the campus you will be at most prob) lived in "Oldfield Park", which is a residential area within walking distance to the main city centre. The area was relatively cheaper than the rest of Bath, had it's own train station and excellent bus links to the campus and into town and also to Bristol if you're placed there. The uni should give you an accommodation list, so I would start looking in that area.They are usually 2-4 beds I think, terrace style.
    Bath was a lovely city to go to uni, the nightlife isn't fantastic but the city itself is beautiful and has some great bars/pubs/shops/parks!

    Hope you enjoy it!
  3. Hello,
    I have just posted a question about PGCE accommodation - I didn't see this thread. I am also thinking about accommodation for my PGCE year at Bath Spa. I want to get it sorted sooner rather than later! Have you managed to get any more information?

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