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PF&S money back..?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by almika, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Has anyone got any experience with the PF&S services. I am slightly unsure about going through with it but to me it does seem like I can only gain and not loose from using their services. I'd like to know if anyone has actually completed the forms and had any money back?

  2. Can confirm company is legit. I got £180. Colleagues that have used same service also got money, some less but some more, quite a lot more in one case. All is transparent.
  3. Do PF&S charge? I got the money without using PF&S I dont think that I even had to fill in a form as long as the registration to PF&S. A few phone calls (to union and DATA for past subscription records) and a brief letter to the tax office. I was surprised by the speed of arrival of the cheque.
  4. They charge a hefty percentage of anything you are owed. Like lancon said, you can do all this yourself with no real bother, and get to keep the whole lot
  5. Definately worth using a company.... I got £310 with one phonecall and no hassle. I used SRS-Teachers and got my money back in 6 weeks. The staff were really helpful and they told me I could do it myself, but when I looked at what I needed to do it was much simpler and quicker to use their services. They only charged £40 which I thought was good value for money.

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