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Persuasive writing Year 5 - inspiration please (framework is very vague!!!!!!!!!)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by juliateacher, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. oh and sorry to be cheeky but juliateacher could I please have a copy of the scanned texts for persuasion?

    Thank you very much!
  2. Miss Mc that sounds fantastic! i think my Y3/4 would absolutely love it and they really need a boost with their writing. Did Pie corbett do the letter using big actions as a way to remember it? We had him last year and he did stories using actions and the children have never been so good at connectives! if you have anything resource-wise, I would be so grateful! the mythical creatures ideas sounds perfect.

  3. ^ Unashamedly bumping!
  4. The framework does suggest using dvds and video clips and these have been really useful in other topics I've done. For persuasive writing you could show different adverts from television or radio and discuss the language used. Or you could use clips from films/tv programs with 'court room' action - Miracle on 34th Street is good for this! Oh and could I also have a copy of the scanned persuasive writing texts please Julia?! timmytheg@hotmail.com

  5. This is awesome too!
    F:\Summer plans\Film Street Film Street and the Primary Framework for Literacy.mht

  6. I did a multimodal unit based on Persuasion through media in terms of how Disney choose to advertise their theme parks.

    We looked at holiday brochures and official promotion text. Then we looked at how the television adverts tried to persuade people to visit through multiple modes - over the top narration (language), smiling families (gesture), magical music, colourful/magical settings etc. The children then made inferences in their writing which led to some amazing work.
  7. just had a bit of a mad idea about a homework for this topic. Children could use their persuasive powers to persuade parents not to make them do that night's homework(just send a boring worksheet). They could convince parents to write a note. Could be fun but wonder if it spells trouble for the future?! (although our hmk policy is very strict and chn know rules so don;t think they'd try it on again...)
    What do people think?!
  8. I was just on a course today where they gave us a good idea. The class start by building a pretend town, where you lay down roads, a river and mountains. Then everyone takes a piece of paper and draws a residence and who lives there, their job. Decide where your character is going to live. Introduce your character to other characters. Then in groups, decide where you are going to put the P.O, school, park, bus stop, police station etc. Persuade class that is is a good place for it. Then design adverts for your town. Then teacher puts in a recylcing centre/rubbish tip/giant tesco etc. Give them the arguments for why this is a good idea, and they have to think of yes but... retorts. Do a conscience alley putting forward both sides of the argument. Then you can put the arguments against on a concentric ring diagram putting the more important arguments towards the centre. Then write letters to company persuading them to move dump/supermarket etc. Within this, teach persuasive devices like rhetorical questions, connectives, emotive language etc...
    Any help?
  9. Sounds great. Thing is, I'm so overwhelmed with ideas now (after 3 hours reading stuff on internet this aft!) that I have far too many to fit in!

  10. ha ha psycho jo thats how im feeling, iv found so many ideas iv changed my mind ten times! that link i put on from Film Street has got the yr4 unit really well explained and has so many good resources. Im liking your idea of homework - what a great way to get them using what they have learnt! I might if you do!

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