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Persuasive writing Year 5 - inspiration please (framework is very vague!!!!!!!!!)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by juliateacher, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. I have set of scanned texts for persuasive writing that I have used in the past
    also did this unit based on elephants in captivity
  2. Hi julia would you mind emailing them to me - I really would appreciate it
    My email address is jimosg@hotmail.com

    Hope thats ok
  3. hope this doesn't turn into one of those threads now!
  4. We made TV adverts using digiblue cameras and made posters for a healthy tuck shop that we ran for 3 days.
  5. JT - you could put them on resource bank to stop the thread spiralling, like they often do!!

    In the past, I have sent my class imaginary letters from the DFES, which have stated their intention to drastically change the amount of homework, uniform and enforce an early curfew. The children have then ran mini-campaigns to demonstrate their protest - protests on the playground, petitions etc and they have ended the unit with letters of response to the DFES.

    Fantastic and the kids loved it!!

  6. With my year 6 I did a persuasive speech to the local council to save our Field from a housing development.

    There are endless possibilities here!
  7. Thank goodness it is vague as it allows for the teacher to be creative - go let that creativity flow!
  8. It really gives the opportunity for you to choose and do something that your class will enjoy!

    Have to say, I ignore the framework and do this anyway!!!!!
  9. Thanks for your replies.

    The only thing is that cos the framework is vague im not sure what word/sentence things i need to be covering - anyone know what to cover for this unit???
  10. What do your children need right now?
  11. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    I do word work based on spelling patterns that they are weak on and sentence level based on connectives as that links with the requirements of persuasive writing. The elephants in captivity JT mentioned might be the one on Hamilton Trust, it was in the free section as I used it last year. There is also a booster unit on animals in circuses on the standards site. That works really well and has a lot of speaking and listening so still fits the new framework.
  12. elephants in captivity was planned by my year colleague at the tim so not sure if it is the Hamilton one as it is on our planning format and I remember searching for the resources
  13. Can you link your persuasive writing to any other area of the curriculum?

    I'm doing Aztecs in History so have decided to do rainforest destruction for Geog...our persuasive writing will be linked to this.

    As far as word & sentence level are concerned- I focus on what my children need at this stage...so I'll be doing some work on complex sentences for example.

    Personally, I think the new framework is generally waek on word and sentence level...so I tend to go back to the NLS to ensure I cover all the objectives over the course of the year.

    FWIW - Our Literacy co-ordinator has flagged up issues of insufficient coverage when staff have worked from the framework alone.

  14. myrtle

    myrtle Occasional commenter

  15. I loved this unit and got brilliant outcomes from the children. Sounds s bit random, but following a Pie Corbett course I made an oral letter persuading people to keep a pet dragon. The children learnt this and used it as a model for writing their own letters, persuading our council to open a mythical animal sanctuary, once our council accepted the idea they were requested to make leaflets advertising the sanctuary.

    The children's work was brilliant, after learning the oral letter they all had perfectly planned letters - including everything required - many produced Level 4 work, despite not a single Level 4 in my most recent assessments.

    They all really went with the idea, no one ever questioned the truthfullness of it (some of them actually believed it was really happening, which I felt a bit bad about).
  16. oh and about the word/sentence level stuff - I do whatever I feel my class need. We're hammering commas to mark clauses at the moment.
  17. bed

    bed New commenter

    Post#11 is absolutely spot on.

    I agree with you that the ew framework is very vague - go back and look at the old framework obj for guidance - and try a bit of googling for resources - or wh smiths etc for sets of texts.
  18. bed

    bed New commenter

    Sorry that should read *New* framework

    But I think "ew framework" is more apt!!!!!!!!!
  19. I'm doing this but for Year 4, I want to do something really fun that they will get into and enjoy and get passionate about. i like the idea of writing a letter to them to provoke a response. Any other ideas that people have done? the new framework mentions using dvds and adverts, but with youtube.com being blocked at school it is hard to get anything decent!

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