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Persuasive writing Year 2

Discussion in 'Australia - Staffroom' started by rozza_k, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. rozza_k

    rozza_k New commenter


    My name is Rozza, and I'm a Year2 teacher. I'm looking for any advice regarding implementing persuasive text for my year two students. I’m more interested in making the writing activity engaging and fun. Something to capture my year2 students' attention. I have a few reluctant writers who sometimes find the process of planning their writing a bit daunting. Any advice on this is appropriated.
  2. let them watch some youtube vids on it
  3. Michelle_Anders

    Michelle_Anders New commenter

    Read a book to your students that is about persuading someone to do something. Together with your students, look for words or phrases which the author has used in the text of the book to persuade the listener. Then get the students to based on the book that has been read to write three reasons to convince the listener using the persuasive language. You can also give your lower ability students sentence starters to help them with writing their reasons.
    I hope this will help.
  4. rozza_k

    rozza_k New commenter

    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for your feedback. As recommended I implemented my lesson by reading " I Wanna Iguana" book to my students. I then asked my students to write three reasons as to why they want an iguana. I also asked my students to use proper sequence words when writing their reasons. The lesson was quite engaging and helped my students in identifying the appropriate way to persuade and convince the reader.
  5. Randaelk

    Randaelk New commenter

    Dear Rozza,
    I was teaching Year 2 for the past 4 years and teaching persuasive writing can be an extremely fun and engaging with Year 2 students. I always start my lesson by asking a question to the class for example "Is reading books better than watching television?" the class discussion starts to evolve with students who agree and those who disagree. I then ask students to use 3 dot points to persuade me why I should agree with them.
    We then have a class debate with two students voicing their opinions and students have turns in this debate.
    We then put the agree and disagree dot points on the board and students have the option of writing a persuasive text according to their point of view.
    Vocabulary is added on the board (word bank) especially high modality words so students are able to embed these words in their writing.
    A draft is written then, edited and in Year 2 I would recommend that students publish their work on Microsoft Word which enhances their typing skills too.
    I hope you find these ideas useful happy teaching :)

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