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Persuasion to take CS work. Call to action!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by jubilee, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    My LA agency has circulated an email asking supply teachers to consider CS work, if only to prevent a 3 month employment gap occurring (which would require re-registration and yet another CRB).
    It mentions that behaviour management skills are the main attributes needed as no teaching is required because the CS will be delivering prepared work! It then virtually says that teachers make great cover supervisors as they have already honed their behavious management skills and to please consider taking CS work, even if only on the odd occasion.
    I reckon that my prediction of a few years ago is coming true, namely that those non-teachers starting out as CSs would soon realise it was not worth the hassle for the pay on offer ... as they could earn as much in a department store and not have to endure as much abuse!
    When I spoke to my agency yesterday,they had an unfilled booking for today at a decent school, but only as a CS. I refused to take it.
    I think that now is the time for as many of us supply teachers as possible to play hard-ball and refuse CS bookings. If there are not enough people prepared to do the work for the low pay on offer, schools will either have to double up classes, send pupils home or pay teaching rates.
    The Unions are not going to stick their necks out for us and neither are contracted teachers. We have to sabotage the system that is restricting our livelihoods ourselves and not accepting CS bookings is the only way we can do it!

  2. This is utterly unacceptable, undermining, devaluing and hypocritical behaviour on the part of schools, unscrupulous agencies, headteachers and LEAs and all those who employ qualified teachers to do this sort of work.
    All should rebel and currently smug, contracted teachers should wake up to their own QTS and hard earned induction year success being completely undermined. They too will be made redundant and be bullied into the obtuse and dubious role of cover supervisor, whatever that means now??????
    We all need to remain firm and resolute and principled enough to repel the onslaught of lies, manipulation, exploitation and bullying!
    UNITED despite divisive forces out there...[​IMG]

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  4. It is a difficult one. The schools make their choices on staffing. However the use of CS by an agency on a day to day basis is beyond the pale.
    It goes against the spirit of know the chldren know the school mantras, beloved of CS's. Despite the fact that most of us in secondary know the children, know the school if we are in on a regular basis.
    Doing agency day to day emergency call on CS rates just ain't worth a jot. The expense of running cars, the stress of last call in the morning well sod that.
    I remember some muppitt on here saying if we are having a hard time financially we should take an honest days work as a CS. Well thank you! and never get supply rates again.
    However wether we like it or not, our Perm staff colleagues are getting loads of meetings, CPD and not having to cover lessons anymore. Our Perm staff colleagues are not on here moaning about standards of learning going down or anything. The Perm staff colleaugues are happy enough it seems, and the destiny of the supply teacher is of no concern of theirs.
    Also the situation in my area is GRIM. Massive cuts all over the place. If I wanted a CS job the schools generally do not advertise they promote within their own school.
    On my Jobseekers website, every agency from small to big is advertising for CS's. So there is a lot more work out there than the agencies are letting on about. However the schools simply will not pay.
    And I remember when Keats the NASUWT high roller said 'rarely cover would present new opportunities for supply teachers'.
    She was quite correct of course the new opportunity was to take a more than a fifty percent pay cut!
    Anyway I stopped paying NASUWT two years ago! after that load of tripe.
    Other issues if you take on CS work. Living alone with Term Time Worker rules in the summer hols. If you average over 16 hours a week over a year they wont pay Jobseekers. So no dole and you will have to pay at least Council Tax, You may get loads of work as an agency CS, build up over a 16 hour yearly average however the lousy pay means you will have little to get you through the summer. Unless you are with an earning partner.
    So it is destination Poverty for me, and I am not joking.
    Oh well the Perm teachers can swish about the consumate professionals, Going to meetings, mentoring eachother, developing their CPD. having the odd little sicky and getting some stress leave here and there. Their CS's can do the lessons for them. Why should they be overly worried about us.
  5. A very interesting point Jubilee, and one I hadn't really considered before, though I've always believed that eventually cover supervisors would 'fizzle out', simply because their role would effectively threaten to kill off supply teachers who would no longer be available for long term cover.
    It's ironic, isn't it, that what is now being pushed at qualified teachers by agencies is something that isn't even worth considering by shop floor workers. The mantra 'education, education, education' comes to mind. It should have been 'decimation, decimation, decimation'.
  6. If it's any consolation Geffone, the permanent teachers I'm in contact with every day are not 'swishing' about anymore. Their lives have become a nightmare of meetings, targets and observations. They are never left alone. I don't envy them one bit. (Having said that, there are a few who definitely swing the lead. How DO they get away with it?)
  7. If it's any consolation Geffone, from my experience, permanent teachers are no longer 'swishing' about. Their lives have become a nightmare of meetings, targets and observations. I don't envy them one bit. Having said that, there's always one or two that manage to swing the lead. How DO they get away with it?
  8. Point taken and accepted wasteoftime. I suppose I am just feeling a bit miffed and possibly a little envious.
    And it is worth for the likes of me to remember the reality of perm staff teaching. The waste of time tasks, The SMT with more visions than St Francis of Asissi.
  9. Sorry about the repetition. Thought I hadn't posted first time!
  10. For the record, Geffone, I feel envious too sometimes. I had such dreams when I came into teaching 9 years ago! But it makes you take a rain check when you see teachers with years of experience behind them actually in despair about what's being thrown at them. I'm very glad to leave at the end of the day and not have to take all that stress home with me. What HAS HAPPENED to the teaching profession?
  11. What I feel happened (I used to always vote labour) Is that the Blair vision regime used to have a habit of inventing so many new initiatives. Three years ago I listed five in one week! listening to my car radio.
    However if you put something new in, you need to take something away. No regime has the guts to do say you do not need to do something.
    So, and I think we see a lot of it in secondary supply. Half a department is running on the old stuff, another half is running on the new stuff. This results in a haphazard pastice of methods of assessment and so called good teaching and learning.
    Example. The new diploma, massive dosh investment, new specification and stuff. However they still run it with the GCSE. Great, a vision of choice for the students! However for the secondary subject classroom teacher, the reality was harsh, Another specificaton to run to, and a run over to the FE college. For some FE fun and functional skills (used to be called maths and stuff) all the while running the other choice of GCSE courses at the same time.
    Guess what, I am finding schools are voting with their feet and withdrawing from the Diploma and its promises.
    However the secondary subject classroom teacher will have a duty of care to keep going with the dying diploma IMO as they were forced to sell it to the students in the first case.
    Labour will moan and say it was never given a chance. However from teaching it on long term supply, In my private life I was asked by a parent friend what I thought. Dead easy, avoid it completely.
    If I was tasked to teach the Diploma again I would do it. However my personal view is quite different.

  12. I think the problem in education now is that the 'new' becomes the 'old' very quickly. Apart from the endless new initiatives that keep coming from the government, there is the race to keep up with technological advances. A few years ago powerpoint presentations were the holy grail for all prospective teachers, to impress at interviews and in the classroom. Interactive whiteboards are still pretty much a rarity in secondary schools, at least where I've worked, and are fascinating for kids to work with. At the moment. Soon they too will become old hat, and will be superseded by something better. Amidst all these changes I think it's comforting to realise that the qualities that make a good teacher stay the same. It's a shame that the powers-that-be don't seem to recognise them any more.
  13. Keep voting! This website is read by many. Also email the URL address to others,,,
  14. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Not in my last school they didn't. In order to force kids into the Diploma the HT scrapped a whole range of competing GCSE courses including the successful one I'd built up from nothing. One of the main reasons why I bailed out into supply.

    However, I think where the dying on its **** Diploma is concerned I may get the last hollow laugh. I knew it was a waste of time right from the start, launching a so-called vocational course in the middle of a recession with public sector spending cuts on the horizon.

    There wasn't a single member of staff in my school that would let their child take the Diploma, knowing what they knew about it.
  15. Jubilee has thrown up a very interesting "development". Agencies asking supplies to "consider CS work", and arm twisting with-well if you have a school-less gap of 3mths you'll have to apply for another CRB.
    Sounds like the agencies are desperate. Time for supplies to "consider" applying to schools direct. Schools could get a qualified teacher to do a qualified teacher's job almost as cheap as an agency CS.
  16. I was offered CS work for the first time the other day by a well known agency to go to a school in East London for 2 hours in the afternoon at a rate of just £10 ph! I refused. I didn't do a PGCE not to mention the years at university (under and postgraduate) before that for £20!!
  17. Absolutely intheblood ! Hence sign up to the following campaign:
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