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Persuasion- please help

Discussion in 'Primary' started by thedancingqueen, May 9, 2011.

  1. Which clip are you using please and is the specific clip on youtube? I've seen the film before but I can't remember it well to be honest.
  2. I have the DVD. Humans are living on a spaceship because the earth has become too polluted due to all the rubbish. Wall-E is the cute little robot left on earth doing the clear up. I initially showed the children the trailer, which is available online, and have just shown them one or two minute clips to suit my lessons. I have used it as a context for our basic skills lessons and we shall be writing a news report about the evacuation of earth next week.
  3. Thanks. I'll keep the clip in mind for the future but I won't be able to acquire the DVD this week. I've planned for tomorrow's lesson and Wednesday and Thursday's lesson. Just having a think about Friday's lesson but I'll get there. I'm trying not to plan things too much or spend too long on them, which I have a tendency to do. When I spend less time planning, the lessons go just as well so I'm trying to get out of that habit.

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