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Personal Statements

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by parkesmatt, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. parkesmatt

    parkesmatt New commenter

    Hi everyone!

    My wife finished uni 6 years ago and has always struggled to get interviews for he jobs she is applying for. She started in supply, followed by some long term posts, but was made redundant last July.

    The long term posts both came through supply work, so didn't go through the formal application procedure. Out hit rate this summer is very low, just 2 interviews from 30(ish) applications.

    Given that most of the application form for jobs is factual (personal details, employment and education history etc.), we spend most of out time on the personal statement. However, neither of us is sure what a good one actually looks like.

    Is anyone willing to share the personal statement they submitted for the job they ended getting. I understand that each one will differ based on what the school was looking for, but I suspect even looking at some that were successful would give us a useful steer in how to approach them in the future.

    Any advice that might be useful for personal statements would also be welcome.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. agathamorse

    agathamorse Senior commenter

    Try Theo Griff's book "Applying for a Teaching Job". It's available on Amazon and is amazing. It has a section aimed at supply teachers and great advice on personal statements and executive summaries.
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  3. CWadd

    CWadd Star commenter

    The fact your wife has never had a perm job is very likely not helping. Six years is a long time, with seemingly no actual cycles of exam results or CPD.

    I'm wondering why you are approaching this as a team effort. Your wife is applying for the job. She needs to go through the job spec and see if she has the right experience to match. She needs to approach this using STAR - Situation Target Action Result. That might help.

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