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Personal Statements!!!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by princess644, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Hi Shell,

    Off topic, but where are you doing your PGCE? I want to do Primary also and want to know where to apply.
  2. wigglyworm

    wigglyworm New commenter

    David 1978,

    Have re-sent from my work email address - here's hoping!

  3. Hi ikea,

    I'm doing my PGCE Primary 5-11 years at Liverpool Hope. I start my preliminary placement next monday - started to panic a bit now!!
    I live in Liverpool so I wanted to stay in the area, and Hope was my first choice, so I know I was lucky to get in! Where about do you live? Are you thinking about staying near to home or moving away?

    Shell. xx
  4. Hi shell,

    I'm of to do primary at Cambridge, hasnt really sunk in yet i think! I have a 2 week placement in my local school first, but ive been working there for the past year so im really looking forward to it. I've a feeling i shall be a bit more aprehensive when i start the course proper.

    Dave x
  5. Hi Shell

    I live in Milton Keynes so I am thinking about doing my PGCE(Primary) in London. (I hope)I fancy living in London. Best of luck next monday! Reading through your personal statement, you are going to be great at it!


  6. Dave and Shell,
    If its not too much trouble i would really appreciate having a look at your personal statements, am struggling to even start!

  7. wigglyworm

    wigglyworm New commenter

    Dear Dave 1978,

    Still no joy - agh!

    Could I ask you to send a mail to julie.platten@btinternet.com and I'll return reply. Sorry for the trouble!

    (Particularly interested in your feedback as Cambridge is my 1st choice)

    Frustrated Worm
  8. Hi Rosie - Lee and frustrated worm,

    You've both got mail!

  9. Hi Rosie-Lee,

    I'm having trouble sending my p.statement to you. It keeps saying it's been undelivered from both of my email accounts....xx
  10. Hi Dave,

    I've had a look at Shell's p.s and would love to compare with yours if that's ok for you to send

    Just want to say thanks and best of luck to everyone - your help is very appreciated!!!

  11. wigglyworm

    wigglyworm New commenter

    Dear David 1978

    Thx for your persistence - have done that return reply - if still no joy then this worm will turn!

  12. Dear Shell and Dave,

    Would love to see your PS's if you don't mind sending them out again. I have just about completed mine (want to apply early) but it sounds abit cheesy! perhaps I just don't like trying to sell myself.

  13. HI Shell and Dave...

    please would you send me a copy of your PS and I would be forever grateful!


    Thanks :)

    also anyone else applying for Derby?
  14. pink_fluffy_mushroom,

    You have mail. xx
  15. You could be the new double-act, like Chas and Dave but Shell and Dave. No? OK!
  16. LOL FluffyPinkFairy - you made me laugh on a boring tuesday afternoon anyway! xx
  17. TC3


    Hi Dave,
    I am hoping to apply to Cambridge for the 2006 entry to do my Primary PGCE and since you got in there this year it would be great to see your personal statement that got there!! If possible, my email address is tarzyclark@yahoo.co.uk.

    Also can you give me any information on the interview format? How hard was it? Did you have to give a presentation? What were the grammar/literacy tests like?

    Thanks, Tara.
  18. Ha ha ha like the Chas 'n' Dave reference!!!
    Is anyone else applying or have applied to Uni of East London or Anglia Poly?? Any ideas what the interview process is like??

    Ta v much xx
  19. Hi there

    If anyone could send me a copy of their personal statements, I'd be very grateful.

    I'm struggling with the final drafts of my own personal statement, and would like some reassurance that I'm on the right track.



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