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Personal Statements!!!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by princess644, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Hi Shell,

    Im struggling with mine too at the mo, so would be great to see a completed one if you don't mind!

  2. penny84 and sungirl,

    You've both got mail. :) xx
  3. It's not appearing in my email account... I don't know if it's being slow to recieve or something... :-S
  4. I've just forwarded it again. :) XX
  5. Hi to everyone who asked for a copy of my p. statement, hopefully you should all now have a copy waiting for you - if you havent then let me know. If anyone else wants a copy then drop me a line.
    Good luck all
    p.s. "sheila" couldnt send you a copy as you didnt leave and email addy!
  6. Hi Shelia

    You've got mail
  7. We are all in the same boat :-(( I am also sitting in front of a blank bit of paper trying to do personal statement!!!
    Shell 26 and Welsh_torse, that would be so great if you could send me a copy of yours for a clue on structure etc...

    I am coming into primary teaching after several years of working and finding it hard to tie everything in, in a small space!

    Hope you all had good bank holiday w'ends!! xxx
  8. Hi Bambibeats,

    You've got mail. xx
  9. Hi carole1

    you've got mail

  10. Hi Shell26,

    If you're still around and have mo'. Please can you send me a copy of your statement. I'm interested in applying for the primary SCITT route. I'm going to start tihs week.
    Thanks my love

  11. Apologise for the spelling mistakes. Dave if you're around please could you send me a copy also. It's much appreciated.

  12. wigglyworm

    wigglyworm New commenter

    Dear Dave 1978,

    I would really like to take you up on the offer of getting your feedback on my personal statement - I used the hotmail address you gave previously on this thread but it came back to me undeliverable. Can you see if you received it regardless.

  13. Hi dave1978 and Shell, just wanted to say a bit thankyou for the copies of the personal statement. They are both so useful and give a great insight into helping plan and structure my own. Huge gold star for you both. Thank you!!!!
  14. Kay2005, you've got mail. xx

    Rollerlea, you're welcome! :) xx
  15. Thanks Shell! Kx
  16. Kay2005 you've got more mail!

    Wiggly worm (love the name!)i've had a look but nothing has come through, have you checked the file size to make sure that its not too big and also that the email addy was correct?

    Rollerlea, its my pleasure - but the thanks should go to shell26 as she got the ball rolling so to speak.

  17. Hi Dave,

    So, are you starting a PGCE in September as well? (sorry for hijacking this thread with a slightly different subject!) :)


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