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Personal Statements!!!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by princess644, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Hiya rollerlea ... i'm glad you have sorted out your cookies now!

    I've also got another question for everyone (wow i'd be lost without this site). In my Personal Statement i want to write that i am committed to the course i'm about to undertake. I don't know whether to write the SCITT course or PGCE course or teacher training ... SCITT is my first choice, so if i put SCITT and i don't get in and then it goes to my second choice they will know i wanted to do a SCITT originally... does that make sense?! What should i write?!

  2. Hi,

    Try to keep it general, like we did when applying to UCAS for our undergraduate degrees, as then we were applying to more than one uni/course as well. I'd just say course ot teacher training. xx
  3. Sorry, that should have said course OR teacher training.
  4. ok cool, thanks!

  5. Afternoon ALL,

    Shell26 Im sorry to ask, but i was wondering if you would be kind enough to send me a copy of your Personal Statement please. I seem to be struggerling at the moment and could do with some help.

    Kind regards


  6. Shell26,

    Thank you very much for the copy of your PS. It is very good. Thanks for helping out!!!!
  7. Shell26,

    Thank - you so much.
    Your really are one in a million. You have given me some very positive idea's.

    Take care :eek:)

  8. Hi,

    Just wanted to say a big thankyou to Shell for sending me her personal statement. At last I feel I've got some great ideas in how to approach doing mine now. Ta very much!

    Does anyone know when you can download the application forms from the GTTR website? I've been told it's about the 7th September?
  9. people have been saying its on the 8th September? I'm going to keep an eye out from the 7th just incase, and i've e mailed the head about my reference asking him to do it by the 20th so hopefully i can get in the first batch!

  10. To princess644, is your first referee going to be the head of the school you've been volunteerig/working in? I didn't know whether it's best to get my deputy head to fill that in or someone from my University. I didn't know whether they need your practicial or academic experience referee first.

    All this and a dissertation and a maths GCSE to upgrade to a C. It's never easy is it!
  11. Hi Giys,
    Im just starting to write my prsonal statement for a PGCE secondary biology. if any one has any statements that they wouldnt mind sharing with me that would be a massive help just so i can get an idea of what to put in. So far i just seem to have a jumble of stuff on a page and would rteally like to see a few others to get an idea of the structure!
  12. You just need to make a start, then fill the rest in as it comes! I found it soooo difficult to start the thing, but I just made up a rubbish start then went back and changed it later. Very easy to put off, just knuckle down to it.

    You want us to write your essays for you too?? :eek:)

    I'm also job changer, yes def makes it harder cos you haven't done this kind of thing in a while but I put something about training part of my job in to make the link.

  13. rollerlea i think your meant to use your lecturer from uni if you were at uni in the last 5 years, I left uni 3 years ago but did a top up degree so mine only knew me for 1 year and has probably forgotten me, so although i'm supposed to use him, i have asked the head at the school i did some work experience for to write it and the head where i am a TA at this year will be my second reference. Hopefully this will be ok?!

    creamrice - i'll send you mine when its finished, i'm still had the stage that everything sounds rubbish and needs linking together!

  14. Hi shell26,
    I would really like to take up the kind offer you made concerning your personal statement to the earlier people.
    I don't know where to start it and any guidence will be very helpful.
    my email address is henrylennon@hotmail.com


  15. Hello Shell

    I'd be grateful to see your PS. Having trouble making a start on mine as well. Thanks in advance.

  16. rollerlea and Lucky1, you'ree welcome!! if I can offer any more advice, you only need to ask. :)

    Shell. xx
  17. Thanks princess644. I'm going into my last year of uni doing History this September so I will get one of my personal tutors to write me my reference. At least I know other people are finding this as painful as me.
  18. Hi Shell,
    Would you be able to send me a copy of yours too? I know your probably getting fed up of this now but it would really be a great help to see the structure, i have all of my ideas down on paper but find it really difficult to make it flow nicely.
  19. Hi Creamrice,
    I forwarded it to you earlier on. let me know if you havent received it. xx
  20. Hi Shell,
    Just received it, thanks! Good luck with your PGCE year! x

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