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Personal Statements!!!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by princess644, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. shell ur a star! thank you x
  2. princess644,
    how about getting the main body of your statement done first rather than waiting for a great opening line. like writing reports etc i always start with the other bits and do the intro last. it really helps and you will come up with something, don't worry.
  3. shell26,
    I would really like to take up the kind offer you made to a previous contributor of a look at your personal statement. I'm looking to change career and seem to have spent too many years writing business speak to know where to start!


  4. dizzyblonde,
    you've got mail. :) Shell. xx
  5. Shell,
    You're being an absolute star sending your personal statement out when you must have agonised over it as much as we all are!! I would be really grateful if you could send me it too for a look
    Ta Love
  6. mrsgoose, you've got mail too. xx
  7. Princess - I'm also a career changer and know EXACTLY what you mean...it is hard to make it look like you haven't changed your mind on a whim and generally just because your current job is a bit pants!! I am lucky in that I started work after Uni as an IT trainer and although this is totally unrelated to English (which is what I want to teach) I used this to indicate when I first noticed I loved teaching...blah blah...after several years realised my more clerical job wasn't for me...blah blah blah...more fulfilling...blah...rewarding...blah...experience has confirmed this PASSION..blah blah. And after all that I think it is great to include skills you have picked up from your previous career such as personal discipline and workload management. Say how this can be useful for both the PGCE course AND teaching.

    I have absolutely NO idea whether or not this will work but I currently have my fingers and toes crossed! As I haven't started my experience yet I can't write much about it although I have written some which will hopefully match what I feel after spending three days within an English department. Finally try and explain what other transferable skills and personality traits you have that would make you a good teacher - if you can use non-waffly examples then all the better.

    Isn't it easy to give advice??? Back to the grindstone...paragraph two here I come.

    PS. Shell26 it would lovely just to see your PS. I read one on another thread which was amazing but did scare me a tad so would be nice to see an alternative. Thanks in advance x
  8. Hi PookyCat,

    I've emailed it to you. Hope it helps with some ideas.
    Shell. xx
  9. Hi Shell

    Thanks for the PS...VERY good and your experience is most impressive; kinda makes me feel rather indequate but it is fascinating to see how each individual writes their PS.
  10. Hi Shell,

    I was wondering if I also could get a copy of you PS. I am changing careers and have been writing my PS (2006 entry) now for 2 weeks. Any help would be appreciated.


  11. shell26,
    Attempting to write my personal statement, would appreciate a look at yours, thanks.

  12. Hi,

    You've both got mail. xx
  13. Hi Shell
    I hate to ask you again......But I have noticed the number of people asking for your statement and commenting on how useful it is -please could you send me a copy too?! Thanks a million!! xx

  14. PookyCat - Thanks for your help, I have tried to include how my degree and work experience will help with a teaching career.... so have also got my fingers and toes crossed! I've also tried to put accross my determination to become a teacher so they don't think i'm doing this on a whim. Oh its so scary that this one page of writing could be the make or break as to whether we get an interview.


  15. Hi Shell,

    Another one to jump on the bandwagon! I'd be really grateful if you'd mail me your personal statement too please:


    Thanks a mill!
  16. Hi princess644,

    The content of your statement sounds like what they're looking for, so don't worry!! Don't change your usual writing style and just write from the heart. I know that sounds cheesy, but just be true to why you think you'd be a good teacher and why you think they should pick you, and you'll be fine.

    carole1 and Joanna_M, you both have mail. xx
  17. Thanks Shell26, I've looked on the teach.gov website and seen the kind of things they are looking for in a teacher eg. your commitment to teaching, self development and enthusiasm for education so i've tried to keep these things in mind when writing it.

  18. Hi,

    Yippeee i've finally disabled the cookies on my computer so I can post a message! I'm new to TES but will be applying for my PGCE in Primary this September. It seems that everyone sort of feels exactly the same way regarding personal statements and applying.

    Would it be possible for me to get a copy of a past personal statement to have a gander at? I just can't get started.

    Ta ta for now
  19. Ooops it would help wouldn't it if I put my email - rollerlea@aol.co.uk

    (And I'm meant to be organised????!!!!)

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