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personal statements for uni

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by charmedimsure, May 6, 2011.

  1. I have been working as an LSA with a pupil on and off since he was in yr 7. He has Aspergers and dyspraxia and is currently in yr 12.. The support I give him is mainly with organisation and making sure he is on target with his work. There is little academic support I can offer him as he is very bright. In tutorial they have been talking about personal statements and I know he is becoming very stressed about this. He once told me that he thought the only thing 'good' about himself was his cleverness, but that there are many people just as clever'. He has not always found school an easy place and I don't think he has ever taken part in any extra curricular activities. Outside of school he has belonged to no clubs, or had part time jobs. His hobby is music, not playing an instrument but finding and recommending music to others. (When he knew what sort of bands I liked listening to he recommended some that I would never have heard before) Sorry moving off the point. How can he make his personal statement (when it comes to writing it) stand out. I know there are worries about whether he is going to be able to handle uni, but it is a way off and hopefully there is time to help him manage..

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