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Personal Statement

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by gakare77, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. gakare77

    gakare77 New commenter

    I am struggling to get an interview for an Assistant Headteacher's job. The feedback I get is that my personal statement is not strong enough. Any ideas on how to write a strong statement. My passion is Behaviour. Thanks
  2. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Use Theo's advice over on Jobseekers.
  3. To write a strong personal statement, you may want to consider beginning with your philosophy for education, speaking from the heart about what drives you. Make it heartfelt, impactful and all about you. Then, having briefly outlined your career and why you're applying for the job, illustrate your most impressive achievements in the past three years, QUANTIFIED wherever possible.

    Think of ways in which you?ve worked with colleagues, how you?ve led assessment and used it as a tool to raise standards. Be specific, brief and punchy. Be clear what you've done to induct, guide and support colleagues. Give examples of what you did and the impact, the impact, the impact - that's what gets potential recruiters' attention. Talk about your line management, your monitoring and more crucially what you did as a result of your monitoring and even more crucially what impact your actions had. What have you done to model and share good practice within the team? You should mention your outstanding record of teaching, particularly those observations that have been externally validated. Have you been a role model for the team?

    OK, so your passion is behaviour - make yourself come across on paper as a strong candidate by talking about how you have secured consistency, worked with parents and implemented behaviour systems (including rewards) within your area that have had a positive impact?

    Good luck
  4. gakare77

    gakare77 New commenter

    Thank you. Will do

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