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Personal Projector?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by nomorenails, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. nomorenails

    nomorenails New commenter

    I was wondering if any tutors had mini-projectors they use with their laptops or tablets? I was looking to buy one for occasional film watching and thought if I was going to shell out might as well try to get one that would work for tutoring too!

    If you do, would you recommend yours?
  2. Apple101

    Apple101 Occasional commenter

    I just use my tablet or the students computer.

    You can get them but I don't really understand the purpose of needing a projector?
    Why would a screen not work?

    Oh do have more than one student? Like a small group of 5 or something?
  3. educatorsuk

    educatorsuk New commenter

    In a personal tutoring environment I wouldn't say a projector was really necessary, I started off doing part time tuition a few years ago now before moving into a school environment.

    I suppose the thing is that with projectors and interactive boards in most classrooms nowadays if you are looking to make the transition into teaching it's good practice.

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