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Persistent cough, sore throat

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by How We Laughed, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. I am into week 5 of a cough and sore throat
    Week 1 - diagnosed as tonsillitis, laryngitis and chest infection - prescribed antibs
    Week 2 - still got symptoms of soe throat, no voice and cough - told I had flu, no antibs
    Week 3 - back with sore throat, no voice, cough slightly better - Dr says I still hav tonsillitis
    Week 4 - all symptoms still with me tho voice is making a croaky return
    Week 5 - sore throat, persistent, annoying, painful across chest coug, wheezing when talking

    Have been producing green phlegm throughout and have been signed off work from the start.
    As well as all the above symptoms, I am so fed up and anxious/guilty re work.
    I am a single mum and have a nearly 3 yr old adoptive daughter at home. She's had an ear infection and croup wthin the last 5 weeks but is fine now, save a runny nose.
    Is anyone else hanging onto disease as much as I seem to be? It is getting me down as I'm not living my normal life :(
    Thanks x

  2. I'll be calling Dr for an appointment tomorrow morning
  3. My husband has a had a cough/tickly throat for about three months now! Sorry that really isn't very good news is it?
  4. No :(
    I keep thinking I'm getting better so do something...like today I went to shop to get bread, milk etc. have come home feeling crappy and tired
    Have just sat in steamed bathroom to try and relieve symptoms
    Will be in bed pretty soon after LO tonight I think
  5. When I had a violent cough (that produced a sore throat and painful ribs as a side-effect) for weeks on end, it turned out to be whooping cough. Do you find it hard to draw breath after a coughing fit?
  6. Yes, sometimes. I have a coughing fit and feel like I'm going to be sick
    But I am convinced I was immunised against it many moons ago
  7. Good morning HWL!
    I've no advice at all I'm afraid although your idea of steaming seems good. I just wanted to say "hallo" and hope you feel better soon.
  8. Had blood taken today for testing.
    Wish Dr would give me another dose of antibs. Tho he says my chest is clear it rattles when I cough and am producing copious amounts of brown and [mainly] green phlegm. Throat is still all red with one enlarged tonsil [tho I don't have tonsillitis]
    Fed up and feeling so guilty re work. After having 7 months adoption leave, 3 weeks back at work and now into my 6th week off sick! I feel like a failure :-/
    Have rung Teacher Support today as feeling so overwhelmed
  9. Don't feel guilty.
    This is just God's way of saying "give someone else the opportunity to work their socks off for a change."
    You wouldn't want to deprive someone else of an opportunity would you?
    I thought not. Chill out and don't argue with God.
    By the way that stuff you is coughing up is disgusting.

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