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Permanent Job

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Luckydip, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Luckydip

    Luckydip New commenter

    I just want someone to tell me and re-assure me that they were doing supply for a long time but eventually they got a permanent job!!
    Is there anyone out there like that?
    I really want a perm job - been doing supply for a year now [​IMG]
  2. Luckydip

    Luckydip New commenter

    I just want someone to tell me and re-assure me that they were doing supply for a long time but eventually they got a permanent job!!
    Is there anyone out there like that?
    I really want a perm job - been doing supply for a year now [​IMG]
  3. Like you I am coming up to a year on supply, after qualifying a year ago. However in the year I only had a total of 7 weeks work.
    Luckily I managed to secure a job last week and will be starting in September, I am soooo made up you wouldn't believe it. I was even more amazed as the job is permanant!!! However, the paperwork has come through and states that the job is a one-year contract! So I am in the middle of trying to resolve this matter, they can't change their mind because they decided to take on an NQT!
    I realise I am sooo lucky to have a job at all, even if it is just a1 year contract, but at no point was this mentioned to me so I am not going to put up with the school trying to do a fast one!
  4. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    Only in Education would an employer advertise a post, interview and offer a post on one set of conditions and then change them once the post has been accepted. Other organisations might offer a different post to that advertised or change the terms before offering a position but once offered they would honour it.
    I cannot be sure but I would suspect this is not legal, your union will have experts in this field.
    But the final point is that you have a year's contract and able to continue with your career, whereas many others haven't and would love to be in your position. Maybe its best to take the opportunity, make the most of it and remember that ,in this case. the management are untrustworthy.
    Good luck

  5. It is often the case that schools give NQTs a one year contract. I have been put on one too. Providing you pass your NQT year your contract will be extended. As long as they still need staff that is. They cannot legally dismiss you and employ somebody else without good reason so I wouldn't be worried.
  6. Thanks for the advice. Good news though, the problem is solved. The wording of the contract wasn't very good and instead of saying 'permanant job subject to passing nqt year' it just said 'fixed term one year contract' so they are going to change it to ensure it states that the job is permanant subject to me passing my nqt year. I was just worried because it didn't state this in the contract so technically there would be nothing stopping them from not keeping me on after a year.
    I still can't believe how unbelievably lucky I am! I am now super relieved that it is sorted [​IMG] Hope this provides some hope for those still searching!
  7. becky70

    becky70 New commenter

    Well, I haven't got a permanent job yet but hope I can offer you some reassurance. I had about two years on supply and then got a temporary job at one of the schools where I did supply - my contract keeps being extended and I will be there until at least next summer now.
  8. Poppy_Red

    Poppy_Red New commenter

    I have been doing supply since October, and got to hear about a job that wasnt advertised (just sent out to local schools). Through doing long-term supply in a school in the same area, I got a good reference and got a permanent job! Just goes to prove its not what you know but who you know - if i hadnt impressed at the school where I was doing supply I never would have even heard about this job! So yes, does happen [​IMG]
  9. I can reassure you that it can be done.

    I did a years supply before I started my NQT year because I couldn't get a job, so moved to London.

    Quit this job after a year, hated it.

    Did 2 terms of supply and then got a maternity leave contract.

    Did this for 10 months. Another term and a half on supply.

    Then got the permanent job... in a school I had done long term supply in 18 months earlier, coming to the end of my first year there now.

    Keep at it :eek:)
  10. Luckydip

    Luckydip New commenter

    thanks guys - i will keep going!

  11. The late Mrs Dog was a nurse, (and an excellent one, too), and it is interesting to draw parallels between the reforms brought about in nursing, starting twenty years ago, and those in teaching, more recently.
    In the late 80s, due to a 'shortage' of trained nurses, the Govt, instituted Heath Care Assitants, then Higher Level Heath Care Assistants, to take on some of the ward jobs that did not require an RGN. The result? A proliferation of HCAs and HLHCAs and a reduction in the number of, relatively expensive, qualified nurses. Does this sound familiar?
    At the time, hospital managements went over to the 'internal market', which had the effect that quarterly budget crises became the norm. (I remember my wife remarking on the tsunami of paperwork, which the Internal Market brought with it, "Even the waste paper basket has a budget.!" One result of this was that qualified staff were employed on three-monthly, rolling contracts: no sooner had you secured one job, you had to start looking for the next one. Many nurses got fed up with this and joined hospital 'staff banks' (like LA supply pools), or private staffing agencies, which supplied staff to hospitals. Again, does this sound familiar?


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