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Peripatetic music teaching - advice

Discussion in 'Music' started by benjaminjames, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Has anyone here made the transition from class teacher to peri? I am thinking specifically about people who did not do music degrees. My background is in English literature but I also have a violin diploma and play viola to about grade 8 (though no formal qualification... yet). I am a primary class teacher but am realising that my heart lies more in music and I would love to become an upper string teacher in the relatively near future.
    So... has anyone managed this kind of transition? And what might be the best steps to take? I was thinking about trying for Grade 8/diploma on viola and trying to find one or two violin pupils to build up a bit of experience and see what happens...
  2. zaco

    zaco New commenter

    I left my job as primary class teacher after 16 years, and now I teach classroom music and keyboard in 3 schools for 2.5 days. I do a little work for the local music service (which pays less)but most of my work is paid as supply. My advice would be to stay with the security of your class teaching job. If I had my time again I would have stayed as a class teacher but now it is too difficult to get back into it as the competition is tough. So give it lots of thought first. Sorry to be negative.
  3. I don't see it as a negative feedback, it is more on a practical response. I would also advice that. Since you have violin diploma, I guess you can use it to have your own violin class but you have do it privately. But if you, benjaminjames, would really want to be in music teaching, then go for it. Take the risk to do something that really want to. All I can say now is best of luck [​IMG]
  4. If you want no pension and a salary drop, go ahead [​IMG]
  5. I don't want to sound negative either, but I did look in to possibly moving to a music service and becoming a peri however I've been put off due to the current uncertainity in funding. (I did actually post on here, and got some good replies.) I live near three music services and I know at least two are worried about funding shortfalls. I guess that finding 2 or 3 private pupils might be a start or looking for some PPA music cover in a primary school might be a good way to get some experience.

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