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Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon3372, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Yep I agree-no perfume or earrings would leave me feeling naked!![​IMG]
  2. The main rule for lightness is don't douse yourself-I just do one spray above my wrist (to avoid a silver bracelet I wear all the time) and touch the other wrist to that and then press my wrists against my neck just below my ears. I can hardly smell my scent, but my friend who has a very sensitive nose, says that she can smell it even a few hours after I have applied it. Any scent when over applied will be overpowering and headache inducing-when MIL gets into the car sometimes, I have an urge to open all the windows and switch the air con on full blast!
    As for cost, I have had a lot of luck with ebay-I never buy from anyone who just sells perfumes as I feel that these are likely to be fakes-I go for someone who is only selling the one bottle who is showing what seems to be a genuine photo.
    The Vera Wang bouquet I wear (sold by Debenhams if you fancy trying it-but stay away from the more widely available 'Princess' which I find sickly and cloying) costs £70 for a 100ml spray-I got my last one for £20 plus a couple of £s postage
  3. joli2

    joli2 New commenter

    I generally hate perfume, on me or anyone else near me. I have been known to look badly on application forms that stink (perfume or smoke, or even worse, a combination of both).
    Although do have a bottle of chanel coco for the very rare times I'm going somewhere posh that seems to require it.
  4. Are there any smells you do like?
    M&S used to do a room fragrance/candle that was basically the smell of cut grass. I was obviously the only one who bought it because they took it off after a year!
  5. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    Not wearing perfume these days. I was a Dune girl in the 90s but more recently decided that I disliked smelling other people and didn't want other people to smell me. If someone walks past and I can smell their perfume I find it almost as unpleasant as if they smelt dirty. I do wonder about trying again because I love the bottles and the whole <u>idea</u> of it being a treat but in reality I just don't want other people to be aware of how I smell.
  6. anon468

    anon468 New commenter

    cosmos - when you're testing for your next perfume, give Calvin Klein Escape a try. It was originally a floral overlaid with marine notes, but is now more of a white floral.
    It's very fresh and light. I tend to use it for daytime.
  7. Thank you manashee, and others, for your suggestion. I feel a little trip to JL coming on........
  8. The fact a stranger from the internet is off to John Lewis to buy perfume makes me want some too.

    When it comes to perfume, I'm such a sucker.
  9. Used to like that, too. Oh - and Calyx by Prescriptives. Exhilarating.
    Light Blue by D & G's another gorgeous one.
  10. You are describing the Opium Effect, exactly.[​IMG]
  11. Come on then coffee. We can squirt perfume to our heart's delight.
    Sudden memory of a scene in Friends with Joey employed to squirt perfume on shoppers.....
  12. anon468

    anon468 New commenter

    I can't stand it when people practically marinate themselves in their perfume.
    Less is definitely more. When someone walks past you and you get just the merest, tantalising whiff (barely a whisper) of their scent it's far more compelling than when aforementioned marinadee walks past and you're left gagging on the fumes.
  13. anon468

    anon468 New commenter

    Ha, ha! I remember that one. What was it called again?
  14. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    As someone has already said (sorry, can't remember who), perfume is a very personal thing. Perfume reacts to our own potent chemical mix, and our smell mixes with the perfume. For that reason I think it's best, when shopping for a new perfume to actually try it on your skin as well as the intitial 'testing on stick'. Narrow your choice using the stick method, but finalise your purchase through wearing the perfume samples for a day and maybe even trying out the 'new smell you' on those you live with.

  15. Hombre?
  16. anon468

    anon468 New commenter

    That's the one! They were dressed as cowboys.
  17. Really don't like that one.

  18. A lot of the light "summery" ones smell of past-it melon. I really don't like that.
  19. I agree and I am afraid that I am not a fan of these "light, spritzy" fragrances as they smell like cat's wee on me.
    As was mentioned earlier, perfume is very personal and what smells great on one person will smell totally yucky on somebody else.
    You mentioned celebrity perfumes earlier - I totally agree, although there is one from Christine Aquilera (can't remember which one) which smells really lovely. I got a trial size bottle as a freebie from the Parfumerie once (which is where we buy our perfume).

  20. Does anyone remember Loulou? That is another 80s fragrance which had me gagging.
    The one in the wee blue bottle.
    I also gag at Clinique's Aromatics Elixir - a colleague wears it (thankfully not from my department) and I feel like puking when she walks past me.


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