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Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon3372, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. You can tell from the name of a perfume that it's heavy and cloying?

    Well done. I don't thik I could manage that.
  2. That perfume reminds me of three S3 girls I taught when I was a probationer teacher. They all wore this (had to tell them to put it away on numerous occasions) and were famous throughout our small school for flashing their tits on Youtube.
  3. I think L'Eau d'Issey smells of air freshener!
  4. guinnesspuss

    guinnesspuss Star commenter

    Normally when I go out and sometimes for work.
    Pure Poison is my favourite for evenings and anything I'm fed up of for work.
    And Mr GP bought me j'adore for Christmas.
  5. Figures.
  6. Only when I go to the airport. J'adore at £85 a bottle. Must be at least a fiver a squirt! I make sure I "try it" again !
    No I don't wear perfume every day. Not everyone likes the perfumes I wear so I know people will not be happy if I wear them all the time. I cannot stand Eden for example. Makes me [​IMG] if someone is wearing it.
    Also I can't smell the perfume I'm wearing? I just get too used to the smell. Paul Smith is my fav.
  7. That is such an annoyance. Stiil since I'm apparently wearing air freshener it's probably just as well.
  8. Same or Angel by Thierry Mugler (sp?), it smells of honey [​IMG]
    Alien by Thierry Mugler is just lovely though as is the Armani perfumes in the coloured cylinders.
    My Dad used to wear Cacharel Pour L'Homme that I used to pinch, it's so clean and fresh smelling.

  9. Not all the time.
    Stick almost entirely to Chanel 19. I used to have Chanel 5 as well but I find it too heavy / sweet / something nowadays.
  10. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    i wear perfume every day. I have a 'work' perfume and a 'home' perfume. I LOVE spraying on my 'home' perfume at the weekend! (No, you won't find out what it is, can't have all the dogs in the street wearing it..)

    For the person who asked about 'Wings' by Georgio - £17 on Amazon. Always look on Amazon first, it will direct you to cheap perfume sites....
  11. I smiled when I read this post. It brought back so many memories.
    You forgot 'Opium' (Sant Laurent).

  12. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Most unlike you . . . naughty CQ! [​IMG]
  13. You are all so knowledgeable about perfumes - I am very impressed. I have stuck with Diorissimo for years and years now but feel I would like to try something new, so suggestions please. I don't like heavy sultry scents, would prefer something light and floral or citrussy.
    Not tooooooo expensive!
  14. Anais Anais that CQ mentioned a couple of pages back made me smile, my daughter presented me with some a couple of years ago and said 'Nan says you love this'. Didn't have the heart to tell here that yes I did but that was 20 years ago.

    Opium used to make me want to throw up. Hated all YSL perfumes they just all made me feel really sick.
  15. It had the same effect on me. A colleague used to wear it and the longer she *had it on*, the worse it smelt. It was cloying and sick-making.
  16. When I was thirteen my mother's friend came to stay. She was super-glam and had in her possession a huge bottle of Opium (not the spray kind - the old-fashioned kind where you have to pour it out)
    Anyhoo - I snuck up to her room to look at her clothes and her stuff in general ( I know - what a wee brat. I just thought she was great ...) and spied the perfume on top of the wardrobe. No doubt placed there for a reason. I'd had a growth spurt though and could just about reach it with my fingertips. I managed to move it enough for it to topple off the wardrobe, for the loose top to come off and for the contents to empty over my face and shoulders (perfume in the eyes. Painful.)
    She was very nice about it (lovely woman - I deserved a kick up the bottom) my mother was mortified and obliged to buy her more Opium, and I smelled like a hooker for weeks afterwards.
  17. CK that's a brilliant story and I don't think it makes you a brat at all. Young girls are usually fascinated with glamorous ladies and their makeup etc. My daughter was fixated with my boots and shoes from a very young age.
    The thought of being doused from head to foot in Opium has just put me right off my coffee....yeuch
  18. Ha! Sorry.

    An old friend of mine wears Opium, and even though you'd think the smell of it would send me screaming off into the night, it really suits her and I can't dislike it. Wouldn't wear it myself though. Obviously. :)
  19. Hehe CK you probably still have minute traces still in your bloodstream!
  20. anon468

    anon468 New commenter

    Hi cosmos
    I'm a big fan of Diorissimo and I discovered Estee Lauder's 'Beyond Paradise' a couple of years ago. It's a 'symphonic floral' (according to Perfumes - The Guide) and it's absolutely gorgeous.
    30ml edp is £22.50 at CheapSmells.com (very good cut price perfume retailer - I use them a lot).

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