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Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon3372, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Do you only wear it
    1) if going out for the evening
    2) if going out of the house to anywhere
    3) always, just for you
    I am category 3, my colleague is category 2 and my best friend is category 1.
  2. forestje

    forestje New commenter

    My favourite is Chanel No 5 and I wear it all the time.I love it.
  3. Always wear perfume, even at home alone.
    I am doing a course at the moment to learn how to make perfume. It's grand!
  4. catherinaaa

    catherinaaa New commenter

    Always wear perfume. Have lots of faves. Floer by Kenzo, J'adore by Dior and Chloe are current ones. Always have several bottles on the go too!
  5. I was teasing a wee bit, you know...
  6. I have always had a 'different' taste in scents-have never been able to get my favourite on planes or at duty frees at small airports. My sister used to comment that anything that I liked that smelt quite light always smelt like rats p.iss on her. Converse was also true-her favourites always went very rancid on my skin-and then they would never fade nomatter how hard I tried to wash it off. Once, she got a sample of Prescriptives Calyx and sent it on to me with the note 'Tried this, stank of rats p.iss, you should love it'. And she was right, I wore it for a couple of years over 30 years ago before moving on to Prescriptives 'Flirt' before that was discontinued.
    I learnt the importance of perfume when I worked with disabled adults (several of them blind) about 25 years ago. Two of my favourite clients from my visually impaired craft class commented on how they could tell I was near, even without speaking, because of my distinctive perfume-light, not overpowering but different. When I first qualified as a teacher 20 yrs ago, I went on to work in special schools-many of them for visually impaired pupils-so got into the habit of always wearing the same scent for work as part of my identity.
    Favourite right now is Vera Wang 'Bouquet' (although I started out with 'Sheer Veil' before that became unavailable in the UK).
    For a change in holidays, I like Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'
  7. So a signature perfume or scent, then?
    Everyone knows who I am - they smell me.
  8. No-one else I know wears Chanel Chance, so people do say the smell of it reminds them of me. I wear Coco in the evening. In summer I like MJ Daisy and Gucci Flora. One whiff brings back happy holiday memories!
    I read Flora described as being like Daisy's still-attractive Mum!
  9. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    every single day
  10. Me too, even if on my own. I always have some in my work bag; if i forgot to wear it I would have to come home to put some on.
    For work at the moment I am mostly wearing Shalimar. Favourite going-out one is Dune. I love Samsara as well, very heady for work though. I really like Lulu too - can you tell I am an eighties chick?
  11. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Yuk, no, never!
  12. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    DKNY Woman for the day.
    Issy Miyake for nights.
  13. I wear Lou Lou for both day and night. I don't wear any other perfume these days. People know me by my smell apparently.

    I think they were talking about the perfume[​IMG]
  14. Funny how perfumes takeoff or are dropped by decade, innit!
    In the 60s, and leaving aside Woolworth's Californian Poppy, perfume was very much a Mum thing, and rather heavy like L'Air Du Temps and Youth Dew. The only ones I remember young women wearing were Je Reviens and Rive Gauche, with Avon ones - Topaze, Sea Jade - for young teens.
    The 70s were much better - who wouldn't want to smell like an orange? We also loved Charlie and Moon Drops. Ma Griffe - it was supposed to smell different on everyone and smelt like dust on me. I remember Ted Lapidu's Vu, it was sickly-sweet and awful but enjoyed a brief blaze of popularity in the valleys. And Musk oil.
    I didn't get on with the 80s ones. Poison smells like cat's piss on me, Anais Anais is too girly, Red Door, Beverly Hills, Versace, Obsession- all clobber you about the head.
    Tresor, Dune, Escape - I liked those 90s softer ones better.
    I haven't bought any since then so can't even think of any later ones apart from all those horrors endorsed by celebs who probably wouldn't be caught dead wearing it.
  15. I have loads of lovely perfumes but only wear it when I go out.
    As that is hardly ever perhaps I should stop wasting them and start wearing some every day.
    Hmm which one for work tomorrow. I'll see where the mood takes me.
  16. *snort*
    I think we all had that and it was goddam awful.
    I had a friend who always wore Anais Anais (sp?) and it made my nose tickle and my stomach turn.
    I, however, have ALWAYS worn Coco.
  17. I love perfume and wear it everyday. My favourites are Chanel No. 5/Coco (original and mademoiselle). Gucci perfumes and body products and lovely too, esp Gucci by Gucci/ Flora/Envy.
    I used to always wear Wings by Giorgio Beverley Hills but haven't seen it on sale for years. I smelt someone wearing Calvin Klein Escape the other day and it took me back to sitting my GCSE's. Working at Boots during uni days kept me well stocked up.
    I agree with Belle I feel undressed without it, I'd rather forget to put earrings on than perfume.
  18. I'd have to go back home if I wasn't wearing earrings as well.
  19. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    Same here.
    I wear Lacoste Joy of Pink for day and Chanel Chance for night.
  20. Ugh. Some of these sound really heavy and cloying. I like spritzy, light perfume for day
    OR evening.
    Love L'Eau D'issey. Its pretty and classy.

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