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Performing Arts Options Evening HELP!!

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by turtlegirl, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Hi Bel,
    I'm afraid this might be too late to help you but just in case...
    I don't know anything about the AQA GCSE syllabus but we have been teaching the Edexcel BTEC in Performing Arts for about 4 years now and I am the Lead IV at our school. I really like the course. It is incredibly flexible and therefore units can be chosen to suit the skills and strengths of your staff and students. ie. as a music teacher you could select more music based units if you wanted.
    My warning would be that although the course is great for getting the students through, it is A LOT of work for the staff. Paperwork is insane and they are very picky about tiny things when it comes down to this. The other problem is that there is a new specification for Sept 2012 and although a draft is out, I am still very unclear about how this is going to look.
    Our school is in the South East I'm afraid so not very convenient otherwise you would be more than welcome to visit. If you had any questions though, feel free to message me.
  2. Hi Turtlegirl, thanks for your help. I know Btec paperwork is crazy as I teach Btec music currently! It's been parents evening and I managed to blag it successfully I think :)
    Just trying to find an AQA course to go on now to find the details of the course out. I've fund someone who teaches it at a school near ish to me too so hopefully I'm sorted! Thanks again, much appreciated. Bel.

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