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Performing Arts Departments

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by SuzieQ12, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. HI, I am interested in knowing how other Performing Arts Departments are organised. What subjects do you cover? How much time a week do you have for each subject area within Performing Arts at the different keystages? what GCSE and 'A' Level courses do you teach?etc
  2. We are a 9 form entry school.

    In our Performing Arts Faculty we have:

    Drama for all of KS3 once a week,Drama BTEC, Drama GCSE; four teachers who teach Drama

    Music for years 8 and 9 once a week, music BTEC, Music GCSE ; two teachers who teach music

    Dance on a carousel for all of KS3, Dance BTEC and GCSE Expressive Arts - one Dance teacher (Expressive Arts is taught by one Drama, one Dance and one Music teacher).

    We also have the year 7 Learning Skills Programme in this faculty, taught mainly by one Drama teacher as well as by Science. Maths and English staff.

    Hope this helps

    We also used to teach 'A' level Drama and 'A' level Performing Arts, but the LA re-organised all 6th form teaching into a 6th form centre.
  3. Hi

    thanks that is very interesting - given me some ideas -

    just one question - you say that Dance is taught on a carousal throughout KS3 - how does this work?

    many thanks
  4. you're welcome!

    The carousel is taught within the PE syllabus at KS3

    hope this helps
  5. clarelou_x

    clarelou_x New commenter


    we have 2 specialisms in our school - the first being performing arts and the second sport. I am dance/ drama teacher and dance is still new to the school. We are a mixed school with about 800 students and a comprehensive school in an area that still has grammer stream.

    Drama: 2 lessons a week in year 7 and 8 (we cover most of the citizenship and PSHE issues through our SOW) dropping down to 1 lesson in year 9 where the other drama lesson is replaced by english

    Music 1 Lesson a week for KS3

    Dance: we tried dance on a carousel in PE - but it wasn't that successful due to clashes of interests such as wanting the athletes to be doing athletics - plus could only do the girls and timetables got complicated. this year we do a carousel in drama so that each class in year 7 and 8 get one half term where one of their 2 drama lessons is dance. Its a lot easier to motivate the boys when they can link the ideas more to drama and physical theatre/ choric etc. it helps that i have one other drama teacher than can help me out. we have 4 main theachers of drama plus 2 other music teachers that take classes and we just swap the classes between us. (hope that makes sense!)


    1st Dipolma in Performing Arts (performance)

    1st certificate in Performing arts (dance)

    1st certificate in Performing arts (music)







    (and dance 'should' begin in september 2009)

  6. KS3:

    1 hour per week of Music for all students

    1 hour per week of Dance/Drama (alternating half-termly, taught within Performing Arts not English/PE)


    BTEC Performing Arts - Performing (Music)

    BTEC Performing Arts - Performing (Dance)

    GCSE Dance

    GCSE Drama

    GCSE Music

    Arts Award (Bronze, Silver and Gold)
  7. Hi there.
    We have 1 lesson a week 7/8/9 of Drama
    Dance is taught through the PE SOW's but i'm fighting that battle slowly!
    BTEC First dip PA (Performance)
    BTEC First Cert PA (Dance) + Dance leadership award
    Applied GCSE double award should start in Sept 09 for yr9 G&T
    And it's just me!
    Kids get music once a week in KS3 and either BTEC Cert or GCSE at KS4- we have two music teachers but the Drama/Dance dept is seperate from the Music department
    Hope that helps too?

  8. chezza02

    chezza02 New commenter

    I work in an Academy that specialises in Performing Arts. All students at KS3 get 2 hours every week of music, dance and drama. If the student opts for performing art BTEC at KS4 we get them for 10 hours each week across the disciplines. I think it is around the same for KS5 too...maybe slightly more.

    Things are about to change though because we have joined faculties with Art & Design to become 'Creative Arts' and will be tackling the new Creative Media Diploma in September!
  9. Hi
    Can you let me know whether the students who have studied the btec are then allowed to go onto the GCSE?


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