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Performing Arts BTEC or GCSE?

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by jpessoll92, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. jpessoll92

    jpessoll92 New commenter

    I am having to choose between whether I do level 1/2 BTEC or GCSE Drama next academic year. My school has not offered KS4 Drama in 3 years so we are completely starting afresh. Has any one got any advice on which qualification would suit a group of at least 15 middle to high ability learners? I just wondered whether anyone felt particularly passionately about either pathway?
    Thanks :)
  2. tgagrant

    tgagrant New commenter


    I teach in a school where students are of very mixed ability and so for the past few years have made the decision whether to run BTEC or GCSE (Eduqas) depending on the upcoming cohort. This is now the last year that I'll be running a BTEC, course which fills me with relief!
    BTEC has perhaps been more suitable for lower ability students in the past, but with recent developments, I don't think that that's true anymore. The amount of admin required is a bore, too. The Eduqas GCSE is accessible for all abilities, is challenging and fun to deliver.
    So, if you ask me, run GCSE!
  3. jdkilner

    jdkilner New commenter


    I was in a similar place as you last year. It was my NQT year and my predecessor did the BTEC to one small class of 7 year 10s (year 11 when I got there) but the subject hadn’t been pushed at all by the school.
    When I was faced with the choice, I offered BTEC across the board but found that I had 0 take up. I put this down to the students not being exposed to my style of teaching for long enough.
    This year, however, I decided to offer both BTEC and GCSE and I’ve, so far, had a lot of interest. GCSE is being offered to our higher ability (a band) students whilst BTEC is offered to our b and c bands.
    I would recommend looking at your cohort - do you think they will cope with the gcse it would they be better placed in the more vocational, exploratory BTEC.
    Hope this helps.

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