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Performance management of the clerk

Discussion in 'Governors' started by harsh-but-fair, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    Performance management for clerks? Are you serious?
  2. Yep, serious. It's been asked of me this very day...
  3. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    Good question Ickar. Directly employed clerks (as an emplyee not as self-employed) aren't that common I suspect (unless clerking is being done someone who's already employed to do something else). We do employ our clerk directly and I don't think we do PM him. You've made me think we should though. There's no logical reason why a directly employed clerk shouldn't be PM'd same way as other non-teaching staff are PM'd. I'd expect it to be done by COG. Clerk is accountable to GB not the HT. Usually in PM procedures the person doing the PM will get input from others before doing the PM so the COG should get the HT's views and other governors views before having the PM meeting and do PM following the usual cycle in the school. Annual presumably, setting appropriate targtes, identifying training needs etc.
  4. Just had to check the date. No, it's not April 1st.
    Does the clerk have a contract of employment which mentions PM? You can't just decide to institute a PM cycle without consultation. Is the clerk in a recognised union which would conduct negotiations on behalf of the clerk?
    If it were me (I clerk for a local primary school, I would be off like a shot!
  5. pourquoi

    pourquoi New commenter

    We employ our clerk directly and yes as Chair of Governors I do engage in a brief annual 'conversation with her about how well she has supported the GB over the year and what her development needs might be. It's low key and mainly an opportunity to formally recognise the contribution she makes to our GB. Performance targets tend to be of the 'more of the same please' type.
  6. Thanks for your thoughts RW and blackdog. No it's not April 1st, I'm no fool.

    The clerk in our school is directly employed by the school and bills for the no. hours worked. She's on the PAYE system the same as other staff and she asked me about it because she didn't see how she could ever have a pay rise unless she was performance managed like other non-teaching staff. As she's not self-employed she doesn't set her own pay & conditions. Perhaps that's a different set-up for you BD?

    I therefore believe that as an employer we have to do some sort of PM if she's requested it. I believe we CAN instigate a PM cycle and we've probably been remiss not to do so before but it honestly never crossed my mind to even mention it. We then open the thorny issue of who provides the materials she needs to do the job (basically a computer & internet access). She's a great clerk, I'd hate to lose her, so as CoG I want to do what's fair for her - she's got no reason to fear performance management as she's diligent and just brilliant.

    Really useful to have the comparison & thoughts of others - thanks once again!
  7. Many thanks pourquoi - our messages crossed :)

    Very useful to have a direct equivalent with which to compare.
  8. We used to employ our clerk direct. She was paid according to the number of meetings she clerked. The LA had a pay scale. She got about £50 a term and had no "pay rise" in about 10 years of doing the job. Nobody thought about it and she never raised the issue.
    I guess if you employ someone and want to PM them, or they request it, it seems a sensible thing to do. Not sure it should be on the same scale as teacher PM or support staff; but a formal sit down to review the year and look at any opportunities for improvement seems a sound approach to me.

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