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Performance management issues

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by jemmy, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Is there a requirement for there to be some notice given when a performance management interview takes place? I failed my performance management last year, having been off work from March until the end of the summer term with anxiety and depression. My Occupational Health report indicated that I would struggle to fulfil my role as Key Stage 4 co-ordinator and when I went for my Return to Work interview in July, I requested to be allowed to drop my TLR post and to work part-time. Both requests were turned down on the grounds that the staffing had already been sorted and that they needed me to continue. Since my return in September, I have therefore been doing the KS4 job and working full-time, and thought that I was doing a reasonable job under the circumstances. I sorted out timelines, gave people the relevant information about what they were teaching etc., wrote the Department Controlled Assessment policy, organised the Controlled Assessments in the school (although there were one or two hiccups in the arrangements for various reasons.) and met my line manager weekly to discuss matters. I was tasked mainly with looking after year 10 and getting the new specs. off tthe ground, while the HOD and her line manager, an Assistant Principal, sorted out the Year 11 November entries and then I was to take over year 11 as well. A week or so ago, however, I arrived at school to be told that I needed to send a certain e-mail regarding a decision that had been made regarding on of the Year 10 classes - a decision that had been taken, for good reasons but without anyone consulting or telling me. On questioning the situation, I was told by the AP that I needed to "Take ownership"" - this line delivered in front of a visitor to the school and two junior members of the Department. I later challenged him about this, told him that I was doing as good a job as I could, especially as I had not wanted to do the job when I returned to school.
    A few days later I was told by my HOD that our usual line-management meeting would have to be after school, as the AP wanted to come along. I turned up, expecting it to be the usual kind of meeting, only to be told that this was a Performance Management meeting, that they needed to take part every term (as a result of having failed PM last year) and that they were questioning my ability to be proactive rather than reactive. I was told that I was not showing enough support of the HOD, as I hadn't, for example, turned up early in the morning to help set cover. I was told that the KS3 manager turned up at 7.30 in the morning to help do this, and that the HOD needed my help with it too. This was, incidentally. the only criticism they actually put to me. And the KS3 co-ordinator told me that she had been told to do the cover, that it was part of her job description (it isn't) and that she had been doing this since September, for a member of staff who went off sick then and who has since been deployed. I was then given the option to either step up to the mark, or to step down. I gave them the answer next day, and I think this is the right decision for lots of reasons - mainly that I'm not prepared to work all the hours God sends, and I'm not a natural manager. However, I just wanted to know what people think of the way I was treated. Were the AP and the HOD out of order in all this? Can a PM interview just be sprung on you without any warning? Sorry for the long post, but the Principal wants to see me soon, presumably to discuss my stepping down, and I want to be sure of my facts when I go to see him. I feel that I need to make a point to him about the way the whole thing has been handled.
  2. Morninglover

    Morninglover Star commenter

    Union, now, IMHO. Looks like they are planning to put you through competency...

    <ol>[*]If spoken to inappropirately in front of others -as it sounds you were - you are able/fully entitled to make a formal complaint - think about doing so...[*]Re performance management, this should help confirm your standing with rgeards the meeting (your manager has gone against the guidelines - though I am not sure if this actually illegal, though deifnitely not good practice): Setting up the performance review meeting
    4.9 It is good practice for the school planning process to include a calendar, setting specific dates and times at which performance reviews will take place. This calendar should be made available to all teachers.
    4.10 The reviewer and reviewee should confirm that the review meeting is taking place as planned at least 5 working days in advance of the meeting. If the review meeting cannot take place as planned, a new date and time should be scheduled with at least five working days&rsquo; notice. http://www.tda.gov.uk/cpd-leader/performance-management-review/~/media/A4E0BCD6E89B4716B97440732AEF54E5.pdf
    [*]Technically if you were to go on sick leave the fact that advice from OH was ignored and your reqeusts to "drop the roles" and go part-time ignored.... BUT be careful abiout saying you're not upto it - you do not wish to end up with work slyly sending you down the incompetent route... even if longterm you would hve enough ammo to win a tribunal...[*]I would question what support have they hisotrically and now prepared to offer you to become proactive if this is deemed an issue... </ol>As I said - speak to the union NOW!!!
    Good luck and do let us know what happens...

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