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Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by THUNDERCATS, Feb 4, 2012.


    THUNDERCATS New commenter

    I see there is a lot of information in the forums about copyright and performance rights for examination purposes. Just wondered what others do? Having taken over as hod, I have found no documentation regarding my predesssor seeking performances rights for scripts. Having done some research I have seen that clause 34 of the copyright law states that for educational purposes a play can be performed to examiners and students as it is not a public performance. Is this correct? Does that mean my kids can perform extracts from plays such by wheeller, godber etc to an examiner and other students without seeking any form of permission? I understand a public play needs royalties but what about extracts that they add with devised for gcse drama?

    What do other schools do? Do you apply each year? or do you not?
  2. If the only audience for the performance is myself, an examiner and the rest of the class I would not buy the rights for the play. If I was inviting parents I would - even if there was an examiner present.

    If you are just using the text in the classroom and the performance will be to other students then there is no need to get a license. It is only when you invite others that there is licensing issues.
  3. That's also my understanding. However, we invite people to the exams, and our drama staff consider it to not be a public performance. I guess, in much the same way that a member of a private members club can invite a non member to a specific event in a private club which doesn't make it a public event. In reality, the law has never been tested on this one - thankfully.

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